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Published on 28 December, 2022 • Last updated on 28 December, 2022

By Portugal Homes

Best Of Employee Talks | Portugal Homes
Portugal Homes, part of the Harland & Poston Group, is thrived to present the compilation with the best moments of the Employee Talks videos. Part of the company’s marketing strategy, the employee talks is a way to show a little piece of our employee's backgrounds and expectations.


Portugal Homes believes that the employees and their backgrounds are the company’s greatest asset, hence, belief in sharing the employees’ thoughts on working at this company shows our ability to differentiate, cultivate and promote our identity to not only candidates interested in working here, but also clients who are purchasing with us. As a company, we want our viewers to understand why we stand out from the crowd and think it’s a great opportunity for you to get to know us better. 

This compilation video shows a little bit about each employee from all departments in the company. In chronological order, we will present short sentences from our employees and what are their goals professionally, personally and their ideas. 

Filip Bejnar | SEO Manager

Starting the video, Filip Bejnar, Portugal Home’s SEO Manager, tells how was his adaptation to the company’s main activity. Filip's educational background is in economics, earned a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Poznan, Poland, which during this time he completed during his exchange program in Turkey. However, Filip felt he could bring his love of in-depth analytics to a different career path, which led him to dabble in search engine optimization (SEO). 

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Andreia Leite | Business Development Director

Andreia Leite, our Business Development Director, comes at the following, explaining why the PD&C Department is so important for the satisfaction of our clients, and how Portugal Homes is developing in other ways. Andreia's journey at Portugal Homes began initially as a Senior Business Analyst, providing accurate market reports to our avid investors, and educating clients on the Portuguese Real Estate Market; eventually, Andreia Leite was introduced to a new service for our clients with the Project Development and Construction Department. Andreia coordinates, supervise, and manage all our in-house construction projects. She is dedicated to not only providing the right property investment to our clients but also making sure every need has been met during the construction phases and delivering a product at the highest quality level. 

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António Lima | Junior SEO & Web Developer

António Lima took the opportunity to talk about his responsibilities as a Web Development. At Portugal Homes, Antonio is the key team member who codes, and enhances our website's functionality on a daily basis; his scope of work goes beyond web development into the optimization of our SEO. He is extremely hardworking, dedicated to his craft, always in a cheerful mood, and ready to lend a helping hand.

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Luís Santos | Senior Civil Engineer

Luís Santos, Portugal Home's Civil Engineer, spoke about his extensive experience in Brazil, Angola, Malawi and Mozambique. Fluent in Portuguese and English, he joined our company to add value to our Project Development & Construction department as well as to our clients. His multicultural background allows him to work on multiple construction projects with high standards, managing and supervising works and finding smart solutions for complex problems.

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Margarida Sousa | After Sales - Operations

Margarida Sousa, part of the After Sales team, took time to tell the history of how she started at the group as a receptionist, having turned into an essential member of the After Sales later on as this team’s responsibilities were growing. Her academic journey started in Science Education, and then in Early Childhood Education. Her experience as a personal assistant there gave her the right administrative tools to now thrive, making sure that all data is promptly organized enabling us to offer the best support as fast as possible.

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Maria Alves | Administrative Support

Maria Alves, part of our Operations Department as Administrative Support, explains how is the company culture at Portugal Homes. Maria is originally from Venezuela, with a Luso-Venezuelan father, who brings her roots back to Portugal to live, work, and continue her studies. Maria is a key team member that brings her attention to detail, and natural charisma to complex paperwork in real estates, such as mediation agreements, property reservations, deeds, and commissions. Her attitude contributes to our welcoming and positive company culture.

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Ryan Dunn | Investment Advisor

Ryan Dunn has a great experience in sales dating back to 1999 as an Energy Advisor. Since then, Ryan has gathered plenty of expertise and knowledge in investments in several sectors. Having worked with our Managing Director, Gary Harland, in the past, Ryan was invited to be a part of the Harland & Poston Group for his willingness to go out of the way to provide the best solutions to clients, as well as help them reach their investment goals. He says the family culture our Co-Founders installed from the beginning is what has made him choose to work at Portugal Homes.

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Sérgio Gomes | After Sales - Property Management

Sérgio Gomes is a vital member of the After Sales team as his job consists of inspecting clients’ properties and developments, reporting all the flaws and snags to the client before the completion of the sale. He has a background in Computer Science and Engineering and transitioned to the real estate world after working in sales and client retention for renowned companies. His knowledge in outbound sales allied with his skills in customer support, make him a valuable asset to the After Sales Department.

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 Simon Hobson | Investment Director  

Having worked in the Portuguese market for the last 17 years, Simon Hobson has become a key figure in Real Estate and Investments across the country. Starting his career in the Algarve and then moving to Lisbon, his wealth of experience across 2 of the major markets make him a valuable member of our team and a great figurehead for the company. Having started his professional career as an Officer in the British Army, Simon went on to become a serial entrepreneur with many successful businesses in his portfolio. The experience he also passes on to other members of staff has helped us grow not only as a brand but as better professionals. His charming personality makes everyone feel at ease and his hard work and determination to provide the best opportunities for our clients make him a valuable asset to our company. As he says in his interview, “it is extremely important to bond with clients and take into account their backgrounds and circumstances”, which is what allows him to provide much more detailed and tailored advice when investing.

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Verónica Rosa | Operations Director  

Verónica Rosa's path in the real estate business began in 2015 when this market started to grow exponentially. Her professional development accompanied the market evolution, from managing people to in-depth learning of all the sales and buying processes. Her wonderful sense of humour and empathetic nature are some of her main personality traits and are a great asset to the company. At Portugal Homes, Verónica assures the company processes flow properly, the sales & buying process run smoothly for our international clientele, and most importantly, she leads all of the HR management duties within the company. Born in Switzerland to a Chilean mother and a Portuguese father, Verónica’s childhood was spent listening to several languages and travelling to different places. Hence, when the time to choose what to study came, Travel and Tourism was the evident and natural choice for her. Her combined 8 years of experience in Tourism & Real Estate Investments, are a perfect combination for the company’s business and culture and made her realize the potential that Portugal had to offer. In particular, the accommodation, weather, historical heritage and available touristic activities.

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Stefanie Mendo | Content Marketing Executive 

Stefanie Mendo is from Vancouver, Canada, and arrived at the Harland & Poston Group with work experience in residential interior design, social media content development, SEO, and communications design. Her past experience and fluency in Portuguese and English are key for her content role within the Marketing department. As a Portuguese-Canadian, her will to move to Europe, to be near the Portuguese side of the family, ended up giving her the opportunity to join the Harland & Poston Group’s digital marketing team in which she develops valuable content for our audience. In her free time, Stefanie enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Peanut, but also roaming Portugal for new travel spots and foodie experiences.

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