Employee Talks with Stefanie Mendo, Content Marketing Executive

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Published on 20 April, 2022 • Last updated on 20 April, 2022

By Portugal Homes

Employee Talks with Stefanie Mendo, Content Marketing Executive
Stefanie is from Vancouver, Canada, and arrived at the Harland & Poston Group with work experience in residential interior design, social media content development, SEO, and communications design. Her past experience and fluency in Portuguese and English are key for her content role within the Marketing department. 
As a Portuguese-Canadian, her will to move to Europe, to be near the Portuguese side of the family, ended up giving her the opportunity to join the Harland & Poston Group’s digital marketing team in which she develops valuable content for our audience. In her free time, Stefanie enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Peanut, but also roaming Portugal for new travel spots and foodie experiences.
Stefanie Mendo, Content Marketing Executive.
Meet Stefanie Mendo, Portugal Homes part of Harland & Poston Group Team Member


How is a regular workday at the company?

A regular workday is mainly me keeping track of our social media for Portugal Homes, making sure that everything is in order that the content is properly written, no mistakes and such, and making sure that all of the visuals are aligned throughout all of our social media platforms. As well as in writing our article content, making sure that everything is done properly and that it's most importantly informative for our clients.


How do you keep discovering more about Portugal?

There's always so much to look for in Portugal. It's a country that has a lot to offer as well as great weather, and wonderful people. Not only that, you're always rediscovering new places, which keeps it interesting when I'm writing articles for clients. Especially when they're interested in retiring in Portugal, relocating to Portugal, or even having property to invest in Portugal. So there are lots of new interesting places that you can always keep it exciting


How do you keep our global clientele up to date with Portugal Property News?

I make an effort to keep up with the current trends and topics at hand that is happening in Portugal, primarily, just to make sure that all of the information I provide is clear and concise for our clients, especially in the real estate realm. And having a little bit of fun creatively with lifestyle articles as well.


How does your work help other departments?

My work is actually really important to all of the departments at Portugal Homes. Just to make sure that all of the information is up to date, and informative. Especially to our Property Advisors that deal with our clients on a daily basis. As well as our Investment Advisors that are looking for the best property for them.


What’s the biggest challenge you face within your role?

I would say the biggest challenge would definitely be time. Having enough time allocated to finalize all of the designs and social media platform, as well as finding really interesting content to be applied to our articles I would say could be one of the biggest challenges I have.


What technical/human skills are you looking to improve moving forward?

I would say I'm definitely looking to improve my creative writing skills. It's always been a passion of mine to write content, but getting even better at it, especially when you're writing important pieces, touching base on real estate investments but also keeping it light and airy when it's lifestyle-based.

Does PH motivate you to go beyond what you would in a similar role elsewhere?

Definitely. Portugal Homes allows me to use my creativity further, not only coming from a designer background, but I can use more of my creative writing skills just to deliver the best content possible.


Coming from Canada, what made you choose Lisboa, to live, work and be happy?

I came to Portugal mainly to be closer to family. I'm Portuguese-Canadian, and I decided I also wanted change. I wanted to be closer to family and live in Europe and have a different way of life. I will always love Canada, and I'll always go back to visit, but I find that my heart belongs in Europe.


Do you think that the varied cultures and backgrounds the company has can inspire creativity and drive innovation?

Yes, Portugal Homes definitely has a lot of diversity within their company, which is something I believe all companies should embrace. It's really interesting to be aware and learn from other people's experiences and perspectives. In my opinion.



Curiosities & Facts about Stefanie:
  • Stefanie was born in Vancouver, Canada, but she has Portuguese background;
  • One of her routines is to wake up insanely early for any normal person to walk the family’s dogs;
  • She has a sweet tooth and is always looking out to discover the next Portuguese delicacy to savour.
  • Rumour has it that she bakes amazing brownies. All of us in the company are still waiting to taste them.

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