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1. Introduction

The Project Development & Construction department is purely designed to fulfil our investors’ needs when it comes to buying and renovating a building for investment purposes. Committed to developing and managing your investment project from A to Z, we provide a wide range of services to grant that the building bought by our client is delivered according to what is expected, and all the renovation process runs smoothly without any constraints for the overseas investor.

Our experience and knowledge in the field showed us that there was a growing demand for the renovation of the Golden Visa 350K option but there was no technical support or expertise to bring this product to life, hence this service rose from a window of opportunity!

Depending on the unique needs of each investor, our services range from specific to full-scope, i.e., from due diligence in terms of analyzing an architecture project and comprehending what we have ahead, to technical advice, construction, supervision and project management. We aim to serve clients at every stage of a project, from cost estimation and negotiation to coordinating the project's complex specifications and day-to-day operations.

The PD&C department enjoys a solid reputation for delivering a well-defined management and execution strategy that perfectly meets and exceeds our clients' expectations and investment objectives.

2. Planning

Analysis Icon - Portugal Homes Construction
Full analysis on the project approved
Project Icon - Portugal Homes
Project compatibilization & optimization
Structure Icon - Portugal Homes
Business plan structure
Timeline Icon - Portugal Homes
Project timeline definition and coordination
Project Launch Icon - Portugal Homes
Project launch
Full analysis on the project approved
Project compatibilization & optimizationn
Business plan structure
Project timeline definition and coordination
Project launch

Planning is the first and the most important stage of the process as it allows us to save time and costs. Here, we analyze whether the architecture and the engineering match or need any adjustments - called Project Compatibilization. The main goal, overall, is to understand exactly what we are dealing with and in which development stage we are at. We then proceed with executing the project and maximizing the profit whilst ensuring a high construction quality, and making sure that all missing details are arranged.

In this stage, we also perform due diligence on the buildings, making sure that all files and documents are in conformity from a juridical point of view. Furthermore, we provide a diagnostic survey to the building in order to anticipate any structural issues that might arise in the future.

With all the details collected and analyzed, we are now in a position to build a business plan to be showcased to the investor - the plan consists of a breakdown of the current stage of the project, and also provides all the numbers involved in terms of expected costs and services, including our profit estimate.

The project timeline is then defined for our sales team to be able to create an accurate pitch to enhance sales, and for our marketing team to prepare all the tools needed to support the pitch: 3D images, commercial floor plans, 360º digital walkthrough tours, brochures, and marketing campaigns.
Finally, when the project is launched, we make sure all sold units are delivered to the buyers in due time, which takes us to the developing stage.

The Project Development & Construction department is committed to developing and managing your investment project from A to Z

3. Development

On the development stage, we materialize all the steps defined in the planning stage; here, we start requesting quotes for all services/surveys we need to perform before the construction begins - we contact construction companies in order to obtain quotes for the building renovation and analyze them in detail as this is the biggest cost to take into account.

Once we have selected a construction company, we must coordinate all the terms to be implemented in the work contract with the support of the investor’s lawyer - this ensures that both the investor and the construction are protected, and also that the contractor fulfils all the services and conditions agreed in the quote.

By the end of this stage, we are ready to prepare the final details to start the construction.

Gear Icon - Execution Visual
Services needed for the project execution: quotes and proposals request and analysis
Geotechnical and diagnostic surveys icon
Geotechnical and diagnostic surveys, PSS (Health and Safety Plan), and archaeology (according to the conditions imposed by the City Hall of Lisbon)
Property Construction Quotes - Icon
Construction quotes and contractor selection: market consultation

4. Construction

Before the construction starts, we apply for a street occupation license, organize all the documents, fill all the forms (application forms, insurances, responsibility terms, construction coordinators and construction company documents and licenses to operate) and submit them to the City Hall in order to apply for the construction license. Once the construction license is issued, we are fully compliant and ready to start.

The investor must have a Civil Engineer on-site that will operate on their behalf certifying that the construction is running according to the execution guidelines as well as making sure the contractor is fulfilling what is contemplated in the contract. He will also certify that all construction costs are under control and all the deadlines are being met, through accurate monthly reports.

A Safety Coordinator is also mandatory on-site since we are dealing with high-risk activity - this person must ensure that the Health and Safety Plan is strictly implemented and followed through by everybody involved in the construction.

Street Occupation License (OVP)
Street Occupation License (OVP)
Construction License
Interview and selection of a Construction Inspector and Safety Coordinator
Interview and selection of a Construction Inspector and Safety Coordinator
Close follow up to the construction through reports
Close follow up to the construction through reports
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5. Project Coordination

Meet lawyers, architects and contractors regularly whenever necessary and coordinate between all these parties
Contract analysis and proficient input to defend the investor’s best interests
Costs management and coordination with the investor’s accountant
Organization of documents, invoices, payments, deeds – to be given to the investor at the project conclusion (hardcopy and pen drive)

Project Coordination is essentially the structure that supports all the processes of the PD&C department. We are in permanent contact with all the parts involved – lawyers, architects, engineers, city hall – coordinating all the operations necessary for the construction to happen, mediating any conflict that might arise between any parties and defending our investors and clients’ best interests, especially when it comes to controlling the costs and the construction quality.

Scheme on how our construction project coordination on Portugal Homes works Scheme on how our construction project coordination on Portugal Homes works

6. Team

The PD&C department is a true innovation in the Harland & Poston Group and involves an enormous resourcefulness ability.

It all started with investment consultancy by doing what we do best - advise our clients on the best investment opportunities. Andreia Leite, former Business Analyst and now our Business Development Director adapted our accurate market reports to the building market in Lisbon, which enabled us to provide all the guidance needed from an investment point of view and advise the investor throughout the sales process.

As the projects evolved so did the need for a bigger team. Now, with experienced planners, architects and engineers, we’re able to deliver you an unrivalled service that is committed to developing and managing your investment project from A to Z, whilst we get our investors a quick return on investment.

Andreia Leite
Business Development Director
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Luis Santos
Senior Civil Engineer
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Rogério Magalhães
Senior Civil Engineer
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José Carvalho
Senior Civil Engineer
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7. Portfolio

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