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Advantages of joining our After Sales

Real Estate Added Value

Ensuring your property is well looked after allows you to add value to it, thinking about the future. By having a team of experts looking after every little detail you can certainly maintain your property in the best way possible and secure an increase value of your real estate investment.

Direct Contact with local experts

At times managing your assets in a foreign country can turn into a challenge, especially when dealing with local laws and procedures. The members of the After Sales Team are used to dealing with all types of situations and would be the experts you need to navigate all the requirements of your investment.

A comprehensive set of services for your peace of mind

We take care of your property in Portugal. Check out the variety of services we can offer you, meeting all your needs every step of the way.

The After Sales team has been working for the past years to ensure we cover the most extensive set of services, so all investors' needs are fully covered. Focusing mainly on two large areas (Tax Representation and Property Management) we not only look out for your asset but all your obligations as a taxpayer in a foreign country.

We also offer a range of individual services designed to attend the specific needs of our clients, including furniture support and concierge services and more.

A comprehensive set of services

Tax Representation package

We represent you in Portugal, saving you time and securing your Tax Benefits

Hire our Tax Representation services and secure a carefree experience when it comes to your income and tax obligations in this country. Check out the scope of services included in our tax representation package and allow our experts to assess the best option for you.

Obtaining a Portuguese Tax Number

Obtaining a Portuguese Tax Number

We will obtain the Portuguese Taxpayer Number (NIF) for you, the first step to grant any investment in the country.

IMI Annual Payment

IMI Annual Payment

As property owner in Portugal, you will have to pay Property Tax (IMI). We will be informing you of the amount and payment procedures associated.

Tax Returns IRS

Tax Returns IRS

We can take care of submitting your tax returns, taking into consideration your income and expenses and figuring out the correct procedure for you.

VAT Returns

VAT Returns

We will access the VAT regime that most suits you and proceed accordingly.

Issue Rental Receipts

Issue Rental Receipts

The income you get with your property needs to be declared to the Portuguese Tax office and we can take care of this for you.

Portuguese Bank Account

We can provide support in opening a Portuguese bank account to set payments hassle-free.

Tax representation is mandatory for non-EU citizens. Avoid infractions
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Property Management

Make the most out of your asset with our Property Management Services

Have our property managers in charge of taking care of your property and get all the help you need. With our Property Management services we guarantee your property is looked after at all times, including options such as providing frequent inspections and representing you at the condominium general assemblies and more.

package Services TAX
Tax Returns
Utility Connection
Condominium Representation
Concierge Services
Furniture Support
Property Inspections

Better property management means better income and valued assets
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Concierge Services

Thinking of visiting us? Let us take care of your stay while you enjoy the most wonderful sunny days in Portugal.

Our concierge services will take care of all the necessary bookings so that you are able to get the most days out of your visits to our country.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

We can make the necessary arrangements for a pickup and drop off services to the airport.

Restaurant Bookings

Restaurant Bookings

We can book the best gastronomic experiences in the country, considering your preferences.

Leisure Bookings

Leisure Bookings

Saw something you always wanted to do when visiting Portugal? Let us know and we will book it for you.

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What our clients say about us

This experience started with Kate Goucher and ended with João Bosco. It was smooth, efficient and professional. 

Zak Alaoui
From Morocco

The Portugal Homes team is very available, helpful and keen to assist and provide additional follow up information. 

Irene Babille
From Kenya

Extremely hard working professionals investing in educating their clients on a complex market

Mike Porcaro
From United Kingdom

Ryan has been extremely helpful and responsive to our questions. It was a delight to have worked with him, including Mariana, Luísa, and David as well. Very experienced team!

Marjorie Tan-Thronson
From USA

David comes across as a very knowledgeable and very understanding with clients needs. His professionalism is well demonstrated in the way he tailored the options for us based on our requirements. Very happy!

Ahsan Ahmed
From United Arab Emirates