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Exploring Portugal

Get to know the countries key areas

Boasting medieval castles, cobblestone villages, breath-taking cities and golden beaches, Portugal is located in south west Europe and is the oldest state on the Iberian Peninsula. There’s a lot to experience and explore here and is also an ideal place to call home.


Investing in Portugal real estate offers you the chance to live a life of luxury in a location that provides some of the best sights in the world. With the sun shining and the number of things to do here, you’re sure to fall in love with everything that Portugal has to offer. No matter where in Portugal you’d be looking to relocate to, Portugal Homes can help you find the abode of your dreams. 


From stunning villas on the coast to homely apartments in the city centre, we have a wide range of properties available for sale and for rent. We also offer an array of commercial properties, covering all aspects of Portugal real estate.

Use the map above to get to know a bit of Portugal's geography

Things to do in Portugal

Monuments and locations you want to visit
Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

For those of you who love history and stunning architecture, the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is not one to be missed. It’s located in the Belem district of Lisbon and is known as one of the most important and beautiful buildings in the whole of Portugal. This highly ornate monastery and adjoining church creates a grand religious building, which is built in a Manueline style. The southern entrance, which is bound by a 32-meter-high stone portal, makes the building instantly recognisable. Fine stone detail on the exterior is perfectly complemented by the ornately decorated interior, creating a truly awe-inspiring attraction.

Torre de Belem

How can we talk about the Belem district without mentioning Torre de Belem? This iconic tower was built in 1521 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which speaks volumes. Portuguese architect and sculptor Francisco de Arruda is the mastermind behind this beautiful site and created the building in the classic Manuelino style so famously known in Portugal. It was originally developed to guard against an invasion via the River Tagus, though later it was transformed into a lighthouse and customs house. The tower itself has five floors all connected by a spiral staircase which eventually leads to a roof terrace that offers some stunning views of the local area.

Opening times for the Torre de Belem are:

October - April: 10 am to 5:30 pm.
May - September: 10 am to 6.30 pm.
Closed: Mondays, 1 January, Easter Sunday, 1 May and 25 December.

Castelo de Guimaraes

Located in the northern region of Portugal lies Castelo de Guimaraes, a principal medieval castle which was built to defend the monastery from attacks by Moors and Norsemen. It’s where the first monarch of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, was born. Since being built in the 10th century, there has been a few slight modifications to the original architecture. Despite this, the castle’s presence still dominates the region and offers an exciting mixture of legend, poetry and heroism.

Ponte 25 de April

San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, Portugal has Ponte 25 de April. Stretching across the estuary at the Tagus River is the largest suspension bridge in Europe, which can’t be missed while you’re in Lisbon. The Ponte 25 de (April 25th April Bridge) is the 20th longest suspension bridge in the world and officially opened in 1996. There is no walkway here, but some of the sights you see while in the car or on the train are truly magnificent.

Cabo da Roca

Fancy a walk along of the most famous coastal trails in Europe? Situated on the western side of Portugal is The Cabo da Roca, a wild and rugged headland that is part of the Sintra Cascais Natural Park. Known for its spectacular scenery, you’re able to stroll along a path next to the Atlantic Coast. You’ll pass a mix of beaches and cliffs and have the chance to flora and fauna along the way. There’s no entrance fee or parking charges here, so you’re able to spend as long as you want here. The wind can become a little blustery and when the sun sets here you’ll be amazed by what you see.

Ria Formosa Natural Park

The Ria Formosa Natural Park was created to help protect the unique ecosystem of the Algarve marshlands. It’s a maze of canals, islands, marshes and barrier islands that stretch along an impressive 60km. The diverse landscape on offer makes it the perfect environment for numerous species of birds. So, if you love birdwatching, then this is the ideal place to come. There are an array of viewing platforms located throughout the park, so you can get up close and personal with the animals.

If you're looking to invest in Portuguese property, you've come to the right place. The property market in Portugal continues to go from strength to strength, with now being a great time to purchase home here. European buyers flock here every year, but the Golden Visa scheme allows people from further afield to get their hands on Portugal real estate. This gives overseas buyers the right to live, work and study anywhere within the European Union.

Local Information

Key details you must know about Portugal


Throughout the whole of Portugal, the transport network is well developed. There’s an excellent network of roads with public transport also being easy to come by, not to mention affordable. Every town and village in Portugal can be reached by the 69,000 km of roads. Unless otherwise indicated, you drive on the right side of the road, with all vehicles coming from the right having priority over those on the left. If you don’t have access to a car, the public transport here is great. There’s a mix of regular coaches, trains, metro and taxis which are cheap to use. If using a taxi company, it may be worth checking whether they charge based a meter reading or for a round trip. Please also be aware that after 10 pm and until 6 am, taxi charges can increase by approximately 20%.


Ever heard the phrase “shop ‘till you drop”? Well, you can do just that in Portugal. There are an assortment of popular shopping districts where you can pick up anything from special treats to daily essentials. From your local stores where you can pick up fresh fruit and vegetables to retail outlets that offer designer pieces, you won’t be short of places to shop in Portugal.


Lisbon, Faro and Porto is where you will Portugal’s international airports. Many well-known airlines frequently travel to and from one of these airports, so flying here or to another destination is relatively straightforward. Lisbon airport (LIS) is the main airport of Portugal and handles the highest number of international flights. Most flights to and from Europe will use this airport thanks to its convenient location. Faro airport (FAO) serves the southern side of Portugal while northern Portugal is served by Porto airport (OPO).


Similar to other parts of Europe, Portugal has a very enjoyable climate. Northern Portugal is typically cool with temperatures rising the further south you travel. During the months of July and August, you can expect to see average highs of around 24°C. Temperatures drop during winter, with it generally reaching around 11°C in January. Typically the wettest month is December, with an average of 117.2mm of rain.

Restaurants & Bars

Portugal is bursting with bars and restaurants, with some incredibly popular dining experiences being on offer. From Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants to those that specialise in providing traditional Portuguese cuisine, there’s a vast choice of restaurants to choose from. If you’re looking for more a light bite, there are numerous cafes to be dined in. You’re never going to bar from a place that can rustle up something delicious. In fact, Portugal has 23 restaurants that have been awarded Michelin status. Once you’re done with your meal and fancy exploring the nightlife in Portugal, there’s plenty of bars where you can put on your dancing shoes or simply relax with a nice glass of fizz.


There are some magnificent beaches to be found in Portugal, offering the perfect way to soak up some sun and relax. From tranquil and isolated spots to places that are popular with tourists, the beaches in Portugal and vast and varied. One beach, Praia do Guincho, even played a role in pre-titles sequence of the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Strong winds are often experienced here, which makes it the perfect spot for a bit of  surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Other popular beaches in Portugal are Praia de Tavira, Praia de Benagil, Praia da Rocha and Portinho da Arrabida.


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