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Our Vision at Portugal Homes

With over 24 years of experience in the Portuguese market, David & Gary have established themselves at the forefront of investment and second homes in both Lisbon and the Algarve. Their vision for Portugal Homes is to offer an unrivalled service to their clients.

There are many companies to choose from when looking for a property and such being the market in Portugal you can potentially look at the same property with several different agents, so why choose us?

Our vision for the future is to build a client base that continues to work with us after they have purchased, which is why we have such an in-depth and detailed After Sales service. The reason both our directors have survived so long in the market is down to their recommendations from previous clients and repeat business.

Watch the video below, where Gary Harland talks more about the company’s concept, its efforts and differentiating factors that were thought and built to establish valuable partnerships with our clients and investors.

Real Estate agents can have a bad name for selling you a property and then disappearing. This is not always the fault of the agent but the structure of the company they work for. If the company doesn’t have paid staff to look after you once the sale has taken place then you're simply going to be forgotten about. Sales staff move on the second they have completed the sale and our sales staff are no different to any others; there is always another client looking to buy and as all Real Estate agents work on commission, it's common sense that their attention sways from you to their next client. This is why, here at Portugal Homes, we have a dedicated team to look after you “after the sale” has taken place, i.e., after you have made your reservation.

They are trained and paid completely separately, which means their future is dependent on your happiness as a client, and your willingness to continue to use our services. They are paid a wage but the future of their job is reliant on your happiness, which sets us apart from the rest and is the reason we have a huge amount of repeat business.

We take great pride in the company we are creating and would love to make you a part of it. We have good relationships with some of the biggest Real Estate agents in Portugal and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we will gladly take you to view their properties. No company in Portugal can claim to have the best properties to suit every client’s needs all the time, and it would be misleading if they did. We will openly tell you we are not experts in areas such as Sintra and the Alentejo, for instance. However, we know who is and that’s why we are open to working with them. The beauty of buying with us in areas such as this is that you get access to the local experts but you also get our professional approach, our unrivalled After Sales service, and an unbiased view of our Consultant.

In the City, many of the big companies are franchises, which means anyone with some spare cash can open a company. They’re very rarely experts and are usually individuals looking for a change in career. They tend to have a rival office within their own franchise around the corner, which makes it near impossible for them to be impartial if you walk into an office in Lapa (Central Lisbon) and ask them about something in Chiado (also Central Lisbon). Do you honestly think they are going to tell you that Chiado is better than what they have? Of course not. They are going to pitch you Lapa as why wouldn’t they? That’s where they will get paid.

Our philosophy is simple, “Understand our strengths and accept our weaknesses”. In areas that we fall short, we employ the help of others when we need to. In the city where we are very strong, we employ the best and most experienced staff to ensure that we list the right properties in the right areas and we make sure they are priced correctly. Work with us and we will do our best to find you the “Very Best of Real Estate Investment in Lisbon” or your next Portugal Home anywhere in the country.

Enquire now to speak with one of our staff or take a look at our After Sales programme to see the benefits of buying with Portugal Homes.

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