Building a client base that continues to work with us

Our vision for the future is to create a connection with our clients and to foster an in-depth relationship that continues even after business has been concluded. Hence, our dedicated After Sales department.

Word-of-mouth and recommendations have been the foundation of Portugal Homes’ tremendous success.

Watch the following video below, where Gary Harland talks more about the company’s concept, its efforts, and differentiating factors.

Our Manifesto

Elements that contribute to our vision


Clients at the core of our business

At Portugal Homes, we have a dedicated team to look after you “after the sale” has been finalised. The After Sales department is exclusively dedicated to each and every single one of our clients, and their number one purpose is to ensure your happiness.


We always strive to get you what you need

We make your dreams a reality, whether you are on the lookout for your next property, or if you are trying to establish Residency in Portugal. At Portugal Homes, our drive is to ensure your success, and we achieve it through our local expertise, professional approach, unrivalled services, and the best advice from our teams.


Our approach is multifaceted

Portugal Homes boasts a wide variety of properties all across the country, in the most desirable areas of Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve, but also alongside the Silver Coast, the Alentejo, and other interior regions of the country. Beyond real estate, Portugal Homes also delivers on those seeking legal Residency status with our Golden Visa and D2 Visa investment options. 

It is not uncommon to hear that, after the sale has been completed, Real Estate agents just drop off the map. This may not always be the agent’s fault necessarily. It often is because of the agency’s structure. Since agents are usually paid in commission, they simply jump to the next sale. Knowing this may leave clients who have just spent a substantial amount of time and capital feeling like their needs are not being met, Portugal Homes has sought to mitigate this with the creation of our After Sales department.

The After Sales team continues the process after the sale and is completely and utterly dedicated to ensuring our clients’ happiness, taking care of everything that may follow, including, but not limited to, Tax Representation, Property Management, and Furniture Support. 

With over 24 years of experience in the Portuguese market, David & Gary have established themselves at the forefront of investment and second homes in both Lisbon and the Algarve. Their vision for Portugal Homes is to offer an unrivalled service to their clients.

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