Why should I seek for 
a Mortage broker?

Regardless of the kind of property you're purchasing, it's very important to consult a Mortage broker, because there are so many choices for the overseas buyer looking to borrow to fund their purchase - like Home Mortgage, Equity Release, Overseas Mortgage, Buy to Let Mortgage, etc.

By using a reputable mortgage broker you can understand these choices down to the smallest detail and get the right product for you.

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Benefits of using a
mortgage broker

Cost-effective method of reviewing your options

Efficient negotiation, always aiming for the cheapest deal

Expertise in making sure you invest in the right features for you

A mortgage broker will provide you with an efficient and cost-effective method of reviewing, negotiating and organising your options. They will get you the cheapest possible deal, with the right features for you, which has the closest match to your personal finance circumstances, chosen from their panel of banks and lenders. They’ll help you see it through to completion.

Types of Mortgages

Get to know which type of mortgage suits you best

1. Conventional


2. Fixed-rate


3. Adjustable-rate


4. Government-Backed Loan


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