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David Poston

Co-Founder of Portugal Homes

David has been working in the Portuguese market since 2005 and was Regional…

Gary Harland

Co-Founder of Portugal Homes

Gary has been working in real estate since 2005 and has a wealth of knowledge…

Verónica Rosa

Operations Director

Verónica has been working in real estate for the past 3 years and…

Andreia Leite

Business Development Director

Andreia is one of the key members of Portugal Homes. Fully dedicated in…

Mariana Vieira

After Sales Director

Mariana has one of the most important roles in Portugal Homes, heading…

Luísa Macedo

Real Estate Manager

Luísa heads up a team of consultants that help Portugal Homes to…

Catarina Távora

Digital Marketing Manager

Having worked at some of the biggest companies in Portugal Catarina heads…

Kate Goucher

Senior Property Advisor

Kate's knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market is fantastic, she…

Daniela Xarepe

Administrative Support

Daniela is becoming a very important part of the Portugal Homes team,…

Ivo Jorge

Social Media Associate

Although one of the newest members of our team Ivo comes with a wealth…

Margarida Sousa


With first impressions important for any business were happy to have such…

Marcela Lautert


João Bosco

Investment Advisor

Having worked in real estate for the past 12 years in Portugal, Cape Verde,…

Saul Joicey

Investment Advisor

Pam Dakan

Investment Advisor

Ryan Dunn

Investment Advisor

Lee Callaghan

Investment Advisor

Lee has been in the real estate market since 2004, working specially with…

Antoine Menahem

Investment Advisor

Steve Clarke

Finance & Mortgages

Steve is responsible for making sure our investors get the right finance…

Vanessa Rocha

Real Estate

Bringing a wealth of experience to Portugal Homes Vanessa has worked at…

Patrícia Pinto De Andrade

Real Estate

With years of experience in the Portuguese Real Estate market Patrícia…

Daniel Roncon

Real Estate

Joanna Clare

Property Advisor

Sherry Docherty

Property Advisor

Anna Milligan


Anna has the important role of ensuring all our clients have what they…

Emma Harland

After Sales

Emma has the important role of ensuring all our clients have what they…

Ian Yurisch

After Sales

Ian has the important role of ensuring all our clients maintenance…

Sérgio Gomes

After Sales

Sérgio has the important role of ensuring all our clients have…