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Team dynamics, the key to Portugal Homes success
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Published: 17th February 2020, 7:16pm
Updated: 19th March 2021, 4:16pm

Portugal Homes owns its headquarters in Lisbon with a view to the rest of the world. Founded by David Poston and Gary Harland, the real estate company is making its way to success thanks to the amazing relationship we build with our investors in real estate, and the dynamic teams the directors have created.

Thanks to the experience they have in the real estate market, the unique relationship they keep and maintain with our real estate investors is focused on human capital and team dynamics

People being the company’s greatest asset, David and Gary have always tried to respond to the needs of employees as a whole, respecting and looking at all spheres of their lives in order to lead and promote their personal and professional development.

The three women who take on the face of the brand, Andreia Leite, Verónica Rosa, and Mariana Vieira carry the founders’ legacy, who describe the company as a player without fear of failure. Attempting to display the synergy created by David and Gary, the three of them pass that to the teams, creating lifetime value for the company’s working environment and for our clients. All departments at Portugal Homes exchange information on a daily basis as by understanding what each other does helps us better produce our work and deliver a complete service to the client.

Being a high growth business, our teams work on the highest standards, in a hardworking environment, always striving to become stronger and better at what we do best. These efforts have been recognized internationally by International Property Awards, twice in a row.

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The company’s culture is also an important asset for the business, as the majority (if not all) of our clients come from overseas. We have all kinds of people working at Portugal Homes, from Mandarin to Russian speaking, from the other side of the ocean all the way to this side. We accept, respect and love the multicultural environment we work in as we believe that working with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds results in the creation of many groundbreaking ideas, initiatives, and concepts. That’s how the Lusíadas 75 Development came to life and into Portugal Homes hands, for so to speak. The fact our teams are able to multitask allowed the company to successfully shelter this project, coordinating all essential steps, from engineering matters to archaeological research, before the building’s construction started. The strategic opening of our first international office in Hong Kong was also a result of the synergy that the founders have created, taking the same multicultural team closer to the client.


At Portugal Homes, our collaborators are our best decision-makers. We don’t follow the standard hierarchical structure in our company, rather we prefer making everyone feel included by hearing them and taking their opinion into account. This is why we show ourselves to be a synergic organization, where our structure is interconnected, as you can see below. Click the image to Meet the Team.

Meet the Team

Portugal Homes environment is often changing, thanks to the new members coming in, we find that autonomous teams are much more nimble than large hierarchies. This also leaves no space for miscommunication, encouraging our creativity. We believe that career satisfaction involves a chance to pursue our passion, rather than just receiving the paycheck at the end of the month. Thankfully, David and Gary enable us to be ourselves and express our ideas, believing in each department’s work and trying to help us improve and define the best practices to apply at what we do best.

Would you like to be part of our amazing team? Or do you know someone who would? Check our available vacancies at the moment and get in touch!

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Buying Property in Portugal

Portugal Homes has very experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with some of the most established and reputable developers Portugal has to offer. Our vast experience allows us to guide you through the best investment choices.

Whether you want a holiday home or an investment property, we select the best units for your profile and take care of all the process from start to finish. Even after the sale! Our After Sales services assume the responsibility of furnishing your property at your taste, taking care of the property in your absence, managing the rentals if you wish to rent your property when you’re not in Portugal and so much more!

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Overwhelming. Luisa has exceeded our expectations on all levels. Trust was established immediately. Enhanced by super friendly professionalism. The networks to banks, accountants, lawyers was seamless. there is not enough space here to write all the positives, enough to say we are making an offer and we only arrived 4 days ago. Its impossible to improve from perfection!

John Mulroe and Wiebke Bock

Thank you. Lovely experience with all of the staff. George was very helpful, knowledgeable and had a good grasp of the financials. Will recommend Portugal Homes to friends. Also excellent experience with the After Sales - very helpful.

Nadia Webb

Portugal Homes is very customer-oriented. Mr. George Hobson epitomizes professionalism and dedication. This in addition to his amiable and congenial attitude.

Investor from Algeria

Thank you very much for your help. I'm glad to have chosen Portugal Homes as my property management agent.

Investor from Hong Kong

Simon has been wonderful to work with. We did not feel pushed in any way.

Andre & Lena Jourdan from USA

Portugal Homes is a personal and competent company. Our experience with Antoine was excellent and enjoyable. Thank you

Usha Pinninti from Texas, United States of America