Portugal becomes a top destination for South African real estate investors with the Portugal Golden Visa Programme

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Published on 07 July, 2020 • Last updated on 07 July, 2020

By Portugal Homes

Portugal becomes a top destination for South African real estate investors with the Portugal Golden Visa Programme

Article Update May 2022


Portugal is an adored destination for many; not only recognized for its lovely coastline, seaside towns and cities filled with rich culture, and friendly locals, but also Portugal is considered a leading country to live, work, retire, and holds one of the most powerful passports in the world

South Africans seeking EU residency, can take advantage of the fantastic real estate investments with the Portugal Golden Visa Programme; key factors such as immediate profit, guaranteed rental income opportunities, and the favourable tax jurisdiction for financially conscious, and high-net-worth investors. For a South African, relocating to Portugal, whether it be for the Portugal Residency Investment Programme, or for future Retirement Living; there are many bright outlooks, as similarly to South Africa, Portugal has all-year-round sunshine, and a warm climate, along with amazing beaches!
Retirement Living in Portugal for South Africans, learn why Portugal is ranked 4th Best in the World, here.

Portugal a TOP destination for South Africans to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa
According to SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras), the Authority for Residency by Investment (ARI) in 2021 recorded a total of 5 471 573 948,60 billion euros in real estate property investments made in Portugal. In addition, most of the Golden Visa Investment nationalities are from China, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and South Africa!
Number of Golden Visa applicant nationalities in Portugal, data provided by SEF

Eligible Real Estate Investments for South Africans under the Portugal Golden Visa 2022 can be conducted in two Portuguese territories, low-population density, and high-population density.

The low-population density territories are eligible for residential, commercial, and touristic property licensing investments, mainly considered as interior, and rural areas of Portugal. Portugal Homes advises South African citizens to invest in high-population density regions, recognized as coveted areas of Portugal, such as Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve region. 

Highly sought-after by all foreign citizens, and where citizenship by investment can be made for Commercial, and Touristic licensing properties. The eligible Portugal citizenship by investment real estate values range from €280,000, and €500,000 (and more); these values also hold different regulations based on the qualified Portuguese Territory areas. For a thorough understanding of how the Portugal Golden Visa Programme works, see below!

Learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa Programme 2022, here.

Portugal Homes has become a leader in advising the Portugal Golden Visa to our clients seeking EU Residency and interested in holding real estate investments in sunny Portugal. 

We are thrilled to be making our way to South Africa for our Private Meetings for exclusive one-on-one consulting for Real Estate Investments and Golden Visa in Portugal. This is your opportunity to gain insight and knowledge on the Portuguese Real Estate market and evaluate which are the most viable options in order to obtain your EU Residency.

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