Portugal top pick for Golden Visa and NHR programmes for the South Africans

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Portugal top pick for Golden Visa and NHR programmes for the South Africans
Published on 7th July 2020

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Being the holder of one of the most powerful passports in the world, Portugal tops the list of places where South African clients seek residency by Golden Visa investment for the past months. The socio-economic outlook in South Africa has led the population to take action.

Besides the appealing year-round climate, the prosperous economy, and excellent educational facilities, South Africans are looking at factors such as immediate profit, rental income, or housing appreciation when looking into Portugal’s residency by investment programme.

If you are considering making this move of relocating to Portugal, it can help you pay dividends as the country offers a favourable tax jurisdiction for financially prudent and high-net-worth investors.

For example, by investing at least €280K in Portuguese real estate, following other criteria, South Africans can secure residency on fairly straightforward terms, while also benefiting tax advantages through the Non-Habitual Residency programme.

The residency application is relatively easy, and as a Portuguese resident, you’re allowed to live in the country and travel anywhere in the Schengen Area. 

Get in touch with us to apply for Portuguese residency.

The favourable investment and residential landscape make it easy to see why Portugal has become a thriving destination for South Africans. If you’re from South Africa and wish to relocate or retire in Portugal, we can also assure you that the sunshine all year-round and the similar warm climate here will definitely not give you withdrawals from the South African weather! 

What do you need to know about retiring in Portugal?

According to SEF numbers, over the past three years, more than 350 South African families have applied to the Portugal Golden Visa programme. 

This year, despite the pandemic, the first quarter of the year, which saw a downfall in the market, has also been heavily compensated by the month May as Portugal Golden Visa investments exceeded, blustering over €146 million. Numbers show that in a single month, 270 applicants invested €146.2 million, bringing Portugal back on track for a statistically normal year. Read more about it here. 

Location wise, Lisbon continues to be at the top 10 targets for real estate investments in 2020. However, the perception of the country’s attractiveness among investors is gradually shifting, as the surrounding cities are competing for the deserved attention. Read more about the best areas to invest in Portugal here.

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Buying Property in Portugal

Portugal Homes has very experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with some of the most established and reputable developers Portugal has to offer. Our vast experience allows us to guide you through the best investment choices.

Whether you want a holiday home or an investment property, we select the best units for your profile and take care of all the process from start to finish. Even after the sale! Our After Sales services assume the responsibility of furnishing your property at your taste, taking care of the property in your absence, managing the rentals if you wish to rent your property when you’re not in Portugal and so much more!

To learn more about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident Program and our After Sales services, please fill the form below.

Extremely helpful and professional. A pleasure to meet you!

Li Sze Ki and Man Chi Ning from Hong Kong

Thank you very much for your help. I'm glad to have chosen Portugal Homes as my property management agent.

Investor from Hong Kong

Ryan is fantastic. Very helpful, nice and professional. He provides swift responses to me whenever I raise him a question.

Rubby Lee from Hong Kong

Thank you. Lovely experience with all of the staff. George was very helpful, knowledgeable and had a good grasp of the financials. Will recommend Portugal Homes to friends. Also excellent experience with the After Sales - very helpful.

Nadia Webb

Very knowledgeable and professional, able to provide clear advice that meets my need such that I can make decision quickly. Efficient and energetic team.

Tang Wing Yun from Hong Kong

Simon has been wonderful to work with. We did not feel pushed in any way.

Andre & Lena Jourdan from USA