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Best Business Schools and Universities in Portugal
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Published: 26th May 2022, 1:01pm
Updated: 1st September 2022, 11:24am

For those looking into business-minded educational institutions, the choices worldwide alone are endless, along with all the admittance pressures associated with a journey through higher education. However, the Financial Times has published the Executive Education Ranking, stating the TOP 2022 edition of the Crème de la Crème in Business Educational Institutions worldwide, featuring Four Top Business Schools & Universities in Portugal.

Lisbon's landscape at night.

According to the Financial Times, Portugal is the TOP country out of 50, featuring four of the best business management educational institutions in the world, shedding light not only overall on the country but rather giving a distinction for its superior caliber of higher education.


Ranked 22

The Nova School of Business and Economics is situated in the municipality of Carcavelos, just steps away from the seaside, set in a modernist building structure with over 40 years of commitment to participating toward an attitude of positive transformation for the world. This mission is kept at heart, and through teachings, it can reach the creative and talented minds of the students that chose NOVA SBE as their main educational institution, where ideas flourish. The institution offers various programs such as bachelor’s, master’s, PH.D.S, executive master´s, post-graduate programs, exchange programs, and summer school.

Nova SBE received a TOP 22 ranking position in the 23rd edition of the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open- enrollment executive education programmes. Nova SBE was recognized under the category for International Participants, ranked at 7th place worldwide, and 14th place in Teaching Methods & Materials, along with a Global Satisfaction rating of 3,31 in 10.

Learn more about Nova School of Business and Economics, here.

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Ranked 27

Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics is located in the capital of Portugal, a business school of the Catholic University of Portugal, recognized as a concordatory university in Lisbon. The very first undergraduate program in management was established in 1972; nowadays Católica Lisbon SBE has a full-service business school, offering students undergraduate, Master of Science, executive master’s, MBA, and Executive Education programmes.

Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics is in the 27th ranking position in the 23rd edition of the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open- enrolment executive education programmes. Receiving the additional honour of 19th position for Customized Programmes for companies worldwide, and 12th place at European Level in its teaching Methods & Materials, and New Skills & Learnings.

Learn more about Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, here.

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Ranked 40

The Porto Business school is situated in the northern part of Portugal, Senhora da Hora, Matosinhos; the institution is within close distance of the second-largest city in Portugal, Porto. Created by a group of 36 national and multinational organizations, along with the University of Porto, with its sole mission to prepare individuals and companies to be inspired to work towards change. 

Porto Business School was recognized by the Financial Times in 40th position in the 23rd edition of the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open-enrollment executive education programmes. Also, receiving 53rd place in Open Programmes category, for its number of partner schools, international participants, and general customer service satisfaction.

Learn more about Porto Business Schools, here.

Get to know the beautiful city of Porto, here.


Ranked 41

The Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão is part of the University of Lisbon´s higher education, focused on economics, finance, and management; considered one of the oldest faculties in economics since its foundation by the Marques de Pombal in 1759 with the “Aula do Comercio”. Offering high standards degrees recognized by international educational entities; programme degrees such as undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., ISEG MBA, and executive education.

ISEG of the University of Lisbon is ranked in 41st position in the 23rd edition of the Financial Times rankings of the world’s leading providers of customized and open-enrolment executive education programmes. Within this honour, the ISEH University of Lisbon ranks 1st in Portugal for 2022 in two study subjects: Business, Management, and Accounting, and Economics, Econometrics, and Finance.

Learn more about Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestao, here.

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Portugal Homes is proud to have team members who attended various educational institutions in Portugal; each staff member brings a different set of skills and knowledge that has stemmed from their journey in higher education.  We have over 11 collegiate team members who have attended Católica Lisbon, ISEG, ITIC, ISCTE, NovaFCSH, IPS, IPL, and Universidade Europeia.

It is clear to see that Portugal holds an attractive position worldwide, not only for its amazing health & quality of life, safety, and warm climate but also for its great educational system from early childhood to higher education. Portugal can be a great country to relocate to and call home, especially for young families, and international students looking to study abroad.

Source: Financial Times

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