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Portugal Homes interviews for CNBC and The Worldfolio
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Published: 19th November 2020, 6:58pm
Updated: 19th March 2021, 6:09pm

David and Gary spent a day with CNBC and The Worldfolio to talk about the country’s golden visa opportunity

With the real estate sector enjoying stable and continuous growth, David and Gary, Portugal Homes’ Co-founders spent a day with CNBC and The Worldfolio production teams to discuss the Portugal real estate market and how this is the ideal moment to take advantage of the country’s generous Golden Visa programme.

After being broadcasted on **CNBC Asia Television (between the 14th to 17th of December) we will be able to connect with our clients from Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan and so many more! If you’re from these countries, stay tuned!

**CNBC is the world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage. 

How did it happen?

At Portugal Homes, our teams strive to establish good and long term relationships not only with clients but with all the global partners and entities that work and wish to work with us. Our Digital Marketing is the first touchpoint for media entities and partnerships to hear about our business and realise how impressively well we are doing as a business overall, even more so now during the pandemic. 


The Digital Marketing team has, hence, been conquering the trust and respect from reputable parties galore, ensuring that the company stays ahead of the real estate market trends and brand expansion throughout more than 30 markets worldwide. This is how The Worldfolio saw an opportunity and approached our company, inviting us to be part of a CNBC piece on the Portuguese Real Estate Market. Reaching a global audience gave us the opportunity to create this one-minute ad, and for our co-founders to share their knowledge on what they do best. Watch the whole video below.

Information update February 2021: Learn everything about the 2022 changes on the Portuguese Golden Visa programme here.

Were there any challenges before filming?

There was a lot of back and forth because there was a time where it seemed almost impossible to establish a date where all parties were available to shoot the video since our founders were busy establishing our Hong Kong office and were actively flying to Asia and UAE to host our Private Meetings & Seminars. And suddenly, the pandemic came to stay.

Another challenge we had was selecting the properties to include in the video. Many of the high-end properties we have were sold and do not appear on the website, since our sales team did an excellent job selling the ones we had, leaving us with a small number of houses to film in the Lisbon area. The good news is that our Listings team makes a continuous effort to deliver the best investments in the capital’s premium areas so much so that we have plenty of new properties available. Check them here.

In the end, we decided to film during the summer to make sure our clients would capture the best of what Lisbon has to give if they decide to invest or relocate to Portugal and our office with views to the Castle of São Jorge, Belém, and Fundação Champalimaud were the perfect locations to display Lisbon as the hottest European city for Real Estate investments right now!

Were there any scripts? If so, how did you assemble them?

Selecting the subjects that were relevant to the company and the CNBC Asia audience was the first thing to tick off. We decided to present Portugal and its real estate market, the Residency Programmes, the After Sales services and our Private Meetings around the world.

Condensing all the information we selected to transmit in a 60 seconds script was the biggest challenge. We have tons of written content on all of these subjects and we had to select the most important information, put it 3 to 4 lines of text and in a conversational tone so that it would convey the message nicely and in an approachable way to the audience.

We produced 4 scripts, and each one of them had a different approach. The selected script ended up being the first one we wrote, as it was David and Gary’s favourite approach for the company and the group.

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