Portugal Homes has clients from over 35 countries, Interview to David Poston by Exame Magazine

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Published on 01 September, 2020 • Last updated on 01 September, 2020

By Portugal Homes

Portugal Homes has clients from over 35 countries, Interview to David Poston by Exame Magazine

Focused mainly on foreign clients, Portugal Homes has been in the real estate market for about two years. This year, despite the pandemic, it predicts an 80% growth compared to 2019

After helping foreign clients invest in Portugal for more than 15 years, David Poston and his business partner, Gary Harland decided to create Portugal Homes. The main reason for creating the brand was, explains David Poston, “to offer a much more in-depth service than currently available in the Portuguese market. We have employed some of the most experienced Investment Advisors available in the market and created an After Sales division that offers everything a client needs to not only invest with confidence but to receive continued support for the duration of their investment”

Portugal Homes works predominantly in the residential market with a focus towards investment, since the beginning. The company’s construction department is now helping many clients to invest in buildings which they can then structure for the Golden Visa clients to purchase, allowing them to offer return at both ends, for their initial investor and to their Golden Visa clients.

Clients from over 35 countries

Portugal Homes has clients from over 35 countries worldwide and there are spikes geographically that are dependent on foreign governments and their stability, explained David Poston. Portugal Homes’ Co-Founder also reveals that Hong Kong and America are currently areas of huge activity because of their current political issues. However, he adds, “during the past 3 years we have seen spikes in activity from South Africa, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon and Vietnam.”

The company’s target is mainly foreign investors, which lead to the creation of After Sales, a service that helps clients that don’t have the capacity to constantly check on their investment. But the company also works with many Portuguese clients “that make initial investments with us through buildings that we will then re-structure and sell to meet the government requirements for the Golden Visa program”, David Poston highlighted.

Trained Staff 

With a trained staff that makes sure clients are comfortable with their investment and get the full support they need moving forward, Portugal Homes believes that what distinguishes their work from the competition is truly “the trained staff that listens to the investor’s needs and selects the best properties in the market for his business goals, and by giving the best guidance throughout the investment process”.

After having started activity in 2018 with only 5 employees,  “we increased to 20+ in 2019 and have nearly doubled in size during the first half of 2020. With new offices opening in the Algarve and Hong Kong we expect to double our current size within the next 12 months with our staff numbers expected to be between 75 & 85 by the end of 2021”, said the company’s co-founder.

Growth expectations are also positive when it comes to sales since this year the company has already exceeded the numbers of 2019, with a third of the year still to go. “The final quarter is always the busiest time for Portugal Homes so we expect an increase of around 80% on last year’s total.”

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