Portugal Homes wins International Awards for the 4th year!

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Portugal Homes wins International Awards for the 4th year!
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Published: 3rd November 2021, 6:00pm
Updated: 3rd November 2021, 6:07pm

We are incredibly proud to announce that Portugal Homes has won two more international awards for the 4th year in a row!

Since its foundation in 2017, Portugal Homes has achieved tremendous results. The company was able to position itself at the forefront of Portugal’s investment and golden visa market thanks to the vision of its co-founders David Poston and Gary Harland, as well as the hard work of their teams.

This year, International Property Awards recognized the Harland & Poston Group with the Best Real Estate Single Office in Portugal and Best Real Estate Website for www.portugalhomes.com, adding two more golden frames to the company’s awards wall!

 Portugal Homes prizes awarded by International Property Awards

Part of the Harland & Poston Group since 2020, Portugal Homes’ achievements and wins have been possible with a 360 marketing strategy, which Catarina Távora, the Head of Marketing and Communications of H&PG, has put in place with her team so well. Watch the video below to learn more about the company’s submission to international awards, the reasons for doing so, and the challenges we’re taking on to demonstrate how committed we are to gaining recognition for our quality and innovation in the Real Estate & Investment sectors.

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The company’s success stems from its people

Portugal Homes has always ambitioned to set itself apart from the crowd; hence all our staff has been working relentlessly for the past years to now be able to endorse the business as the main source of carefully thought tailored services for global clients and investors interested in the emerging investment market.

The company’s culture is also an important asset for the business, and we have all kinds of people working in our group, from Mandarin to Russian speaking, from the other side of the ocean all the way to this side. We accept, respect and embrace the multicultural environment we work in as we believe that working with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds results in the creation of many groundbreaking ideas, initiatives, and concepts.

With the goal of showcasing this work culture, know-how and personality of the people behind our clients’ investments, our staff is able to express our ideas and thoughts through Employee Talks - a marketing strategy we recently implemented in order to show our ability to differentiate, cultivate and promote our identity to not only candidates interested in working here, but also clients who are purchasing with us. We want our viewers to understand why we stand apart from the crowd and we believe this is the perfect way for you to get to know a little bit of each one of us here.


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Buying Property in Portugal

Portugal Homes has very experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with some of the most established and reputable developers Portugal has to offer. Our vast experience allows us to guide you through the best investment choices.

Whether you want a holiday home or an investment property, we select the best units for your profile and take care of all the process from start to finish. Even after the sale! Our After Sales services assume the responsibility of furnishing your property at your taste, taking care of the property in your absence, managing the rentals if you wish to rent your property when you’re not in Portugal and so much more!

To learn more about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident Program and our After Sales services, please fill the form below.

The overall experience was great from follow up to After Sales. I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Simon, Ms. Francisca and Ms. Mariana.

Investor from UAE

Luísa is a very understandable person, she knew exactly what we were looking for and even showed us and gave us more choices to pick from. Very professional advice, hospitality and service.

Roshana (Zulfiqar) Mian | Hong Kong

My property advisor, Mathew McGurn, was truly excellent! His knowledge, professionalism and attention to details was much appreciated. He worked hard to not only find a property that fit all my requirements, he negotiated successfully with agents making sure my offer won over other buyers bidding for the same property. In addition, his communication skills, prompt response time and general help with my getting settled in Portugal went above and beyond the normal.

Investor from the USA

Dear Sérgio, thank you so much for arranging our 1º Esquerdo place. We love our place, and your attention to detail is very much appreciated. 

Tim Thronson - Investor from the USA

A full service, one stop opportunity. Very easy for us a foreigners. Ryan Dunn went above and beyond for us. We appreciate him and his work!

Jose Arias - Investor from the USA

Everyone I met with and spoke with has been extremely knowledgeable and professional. Dealing with native English speakers who understand things from my perspective was very reassuring. Finally, knowing that I had Matthew in my corner gave me the confidence to proceed with the process of buying an apartment in Lisbon. Thanks very much.

Investor from the USA