Golden Visa Portugal - FAQ

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Published on 11 October, 2019 • Last updated on 11 October, 2019

By Portugal Homes

Golden Visa Portugal - FAQ

Information update October 2021: Learn everything about the 2022 changes on the Portuguese Golden Visa programme here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portugal Golden Visa

1. Who may apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Programme?

Anyone can apply for the Golden Visa Portugal, except Portuguese and EU/EFTA citizens.

2. How do I renew the golden visa permit and how much does it cost?

The only requirement to renew the residency permit is simply keeping the original investment. The costs vary for the main investor and for the family members.

Government fees per family member for application of the Golden Visa are 5336,40€. Renewal fees every two years apply at 50% of those rates. In addition, there is a processing fee on application and renewal of 533,90€ for the main applicant plus 83,30€ per family member. In addition, applicants need to plan for lawyer's feed, typically between 6000€ - 8000€ per family.

If you would like to calculate a total of the estimated cost for your investment, use our Calculation of Costs for free here. If you have already applied and would like to know at what stage your process is, contact our After Sales Department here

3. What are the requirements to apply to the Golden Visa Programme?

The visa requirements to apply may vary according to the customer’s level of investment. However, the investor is required to obey the following: 

Keep his/her real estate investment for a period of 6 years;

The funds must come from outside into Portugal;

A valid document for legal entry and stay in Portugal;

No references in Portuguese Immigration and Schengen Services;

No criminal record;

14 days stay in Portugal for each of the next periods of 2 years.

4. How do I know I am making the best decision?

Since the majority of the investors are from across the globe, it is very important that they not only get a personal service, but also a detailed report and an overview of all the financial ups and downs of their investment. Portugal Homes aims to offer a full understanding of the property market when the clients arrive. Our in-house data analyst will provide in-depth reports with the following information:

  • breakdown of all costs and fees associated with it;
  • real estate market comparison;
  • rental yields and renovation cost estimates;
  • resale value estimation
  • percentage of return on investment (ROI).

This market report will be provided to clients who are willing to invest in buildings, hotels or more than one property, and it will be analyzed for each of the investment properties, allowing him to make a correct and informed decision on their new investment.

5. Can I bring my family (including kids) along?

Yes, there’s no limitation of family members, however, your kids must be younger than 18 or being supported by you, i.e., dependent throughout the 6 years of the visa application.

6. Does applying to Golden Visa grant you nationality in Portugal?

Yes. At the end of the fifth year of residence in Portugal, the applicant may apply for permanent residency followed by citizenship (passport) for himself and his dependent family members. See the timeline along the 6 years of the application here.

7. What are the 280k and 350k Golden Investment options?

Portugal Golden Visa by investment enables third-country citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit, and it includes:

a. 280k – This level of investment is available only for properties in low population density areas;

b. 350k – At this level of investment, the applicant can purchase Real Estate located in urban areas, but only properties constructed more than 30 years ago and in need of refurbishment. The sum for property and reconstruction must reach the 350k minimum investment.

8. Where can I get a detailed explanation for my Golden Visa needs?

In our key strategic markets,  we travel to meet our clients before they even arrive in Portugal. By providing our Private Meetings for our unique clients, we want the client to fully understand and get to know how the company works on helping them to find the right property. 
Book your free private meeting here.

9. What are the benefits of buying a property in Portugal through a Residency by Investment?

Portugal’s economy is defined as reliable and stable, and becoming an owner has several benefits:

Buying a property can make you eligible for Portuguese citizenship - know more about this topic on our Golden Visa Portugal page;

Portugal has the lowest cost of living in Europe;

It is an investment with high yield returns;

Can make you eligible for great tax benefits through the Non-Habitual Resident scheme;

Comply with healthcare and transportation public infrastructure.

10. How does the buying process work?

The process of buying a property in Portugal is straightforward and has 3 main steps: Reservation, Promissory, and Deeds. Learn more about each one of the steps in our guide on How to Buy Property in Portugal.

11. What are the estimated costs of applying?

The cost of applying to the Golden Visa Portugal is generally 5336,40€ per person. However, if you want to know how much your investment would cost overall, use our Calculator of Costs on the website to estimate the Property Buying Costs + Legal Fees + Government Fees. 

12. Do I need to pay taxes once I have applied?

If the holder of the Golden Visa does not stay in Portugal for more than 183 consecutive days, he will not be required to pay taxes for income generated outside of Portugal. Check the full guide for taxes after purchasing a house in Portugal here.

13. How can I access the returns generated over the 6-year Golden Visa Programme?

Our After Sales Department provides income reports to follow up with the generated income that was previously promised to the client in the best way possible.

14. Do I need to live in the property I purchased?

No. The investor does not need to occupy the property and, if he wishes, it can be rented out to obtain income. The After Sales Department can take care of renting your property while you’re away. Get in touch with our Department here.15. To which countries does Portugal Golden Visa grant entrance?

Once becoming a resident, the passport provides visa-free travel to 164 countries around the world, including European Union countries and the Schengen Area.

16. Do I have to take the CIPLE exam if I am applying for the Portuguese Golden Visa?

Golden Visa applicants do not have to take the CIPLE exam to obtain a residency permit, but they must complete the test in order to become a Portuguese citizen. Learn more about the CIPLE exam here.

17. I have invested in an off-plan Golden Visa property, how can I follow up?

Our After Sales Off-Plan Pack provides our clients with a complete follow up of their off-plan property, assuring them assistance at every stage of the process, especially if they are away or overseas. Learn more about which package best suits your needs here.

Note: The Golden Visa Portugal FAQ above was developed with our best efforts in order to provide the most accurate as well as updated data. We cannot be responsible for any information changed by the law over the course of the visa application.

Golden Visa Portugal FAQ

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