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Property Management

Property Management starts from the moment your keys are available to you. If you are a non-resident then it makes sense to employ a property management company for management and maintenance of your property. Whilst some services to an extent overlap with those offered by a rental company you ought to consider having a property management company to look over your home even if you’re not planning on renting. This will allow the property management company to monitor the security of your home, testing the equipment, gas, electric, light bulbs, etc. They will also hold a logbook submitting regular reports to you as an owner.
A property management company is, in fact, your eyes and ears in Portugal taking care of your property while you’re not around to do so.

This service is highly convenient for clients who do not have availability to stay in Portugal to follow the necessary developments of the property. Our Property Managers will always keep you updated with thorough reports regarding any issue involving your property. By issues, understand works such as renovations, maintenance procedures, connecting utilities and other services such as Internet and TV. We can hold the keys to your castle and make sure that your property is well conserved.

We will also be there for any appointments with the City Council like energy readings, installation of water, and electric systems.

Property Management is included for free in our After Sales Service.

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