Portuguese passport is among the most powerful in the world!

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Published on 03 January, 2020 • Last updated on 03 January, 2020

By Portugal Homes

Portuguese passport is among the most powerful in the world!

A Portuguese passport holder owns one of the best passports in the world, according to the 2020 Passport Index released by Henley & Partners, a prestigious international consulting firm.
The ranking evaluates passports according to the number of countries where it is possible to travel without having to present a visa or to request a visa upon arrival.

Accordingly, Portuguese passport holders can travel to 171 countries without a visa or a visa upon arrival. In the index, Portugal shares third place with the United States, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, and South Korea.

The United Arab Emirates ranks 1st in the passport index, its citizens allowed entering 179 countries without a visa, followed by Germany, Finland, Luxemburg, and Spain in the 2nd place, who can travel to 172 Countries without the visa.

This year, Portuguese passport holders can travel without a visa or with a visa on arrival into 171 Countries, including all European Countries (without the limit).

For Portuguese passport owners, visa on arrival is available in Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Maldives, to name just some of 56 Countries who offer visa on arrival option.

27 Countries of the world still require a visa from Portuguese passport owners, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Central African Republic, China, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Syria, and Yemen, to list some of them.

The last place on the list belongs to Afghanistan, who's passport owners need visas for 163 Countries.
The holders of the Spanish passports can travel without the visa to 172 Countries, just one more than Portuguese passport owners.

Malta and Greece passport holders are able to travel without the visa to 170 Countries of the world, while Cyprus passport holders can travel without the visa to 166 Countries. In 2020. Cyprus is rated by rank 8., together with Romania.

Considering all these facts, the freedom of movement, the process of receiving the citizenship and prices of properties in the European Countries who are offering the Golden Visa by property investment, Portugal is still on the TOP and most valuable destination to obtain the second citizenship.


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