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The forgotten Hill

Published on 19th January 2018
The forgotten Hill

Did you know that Lisbon, although it is called the seven hill city, it actually has 8 hills?

This information came up on our social media on Monday. 

Would you like to know more about it? 

In 1620 was the first time ever anyone mentioned Lisbon as the seven hill city. 

Seven Hills: 

  • Castelo
  • São Vicente, 
  • São Roque, 
  • Santo André, 
  • Santa Catarina, 
  • Chagas and
  • Sant’ana

The origin of the amazing reputation a seven hill city has come from Rome. At the time, 138 bC the Imperial Capital was surrounded by seven hills. Historically it seems that this definition for the Capital of Portugal is mostly related and wants to compare itself with the Imperial Capital. 

A little presumptuous you might say? True, but the reality is, this nomination of Lisbon - the seven hills city - stuck with us until know-a-days. Most interesting is, if you ask people from Lisbon how many hills the city has, they will be certain that it has 7. 

So you ask, how many hills are they, accurately speaking?


In this previous list, somehow someone forgot to mention the tallest hill of all - Graça, and, if you allow us, one of our favourites as well.

I suppose it was forgotten because it stands on the back of the Castle, but because of it, the view of Lisbon becomes so much more hole. 

At this hill, you have the mirador of Senhora do Monte. Try to go there at the sunset, and you will fall in Love - trust me.

Mariana Vieira
After Sales Manager
Portugal Homes

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