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Embrace spring in Lisbon in its best parks and gardens
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Published: 22nd March 2021, 6:00pm
Updated: 24th January 2022, 6:34pm

Considered the 5th city in Europe with the best air quality, Lisbon has some of the best gardens and parks you can find in Europe

Lisbon is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. The city won the European Green Capital Award last year, a title awarded by the European Commission, within a stringent international competition. The Jury considered our city an “inspiration and role model for many cities across the EU, demonstrating clearly that sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand”.

Following the same course, Lisbon has recently been considered the 5th city in Europe with the best air quality, right after Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn and Oslo. Intelligent Mobility Index was a study developed by Microsoft, which analyzed data from 29 cities in Europe to assess the level of development of smart urban mobility measures, as well as the results of implementing those measures. 

Lisbon is filled with multiple gardens and parks which live up to its titles. Whether they be small parks placed in the centre of the city or wild forests within its surroundings, you can enjoy the numerous benefits they have to offer, especially during this period of mobility restrictions. 

Green and wide spaces with beautiful views are perfect places to catch your breath amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. Sometimes all we need to recharge our batteries and lift up our mood is to take a walk in the park, have some exercise or enjoy a pleasant picnic with the family.

Here’s our list of the best parks in Lisbon you can’t miss!

1. Parque Florestal de Monsanto

This is the largest green patch in the city, with almost 10 km2. Also known as the “lung of the city”, it is an extensive forest with a size of three times the iconic New York’s Central Park! There are plenty of different ways to enjoy this huge green field. You can do some trekking, run, ride a bicycle, have a picnic while your kids enjoy the playground, admire the beautiful views it has over the city and much more. Most of all, you can experience real nature to the fullest.

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2. Parque do Tejo

Parque do Tejo is situated in Parque das Nações, a completely different area in Lisbon from its old quarters, in terms of architecture and land-use planning. Most of Parque das Nações was built during Expo 98 by innovative architects. Hence, it is filled with beautiful contemporary buildings spread over 5 km on the waterfront. 

Parque do Tejo is one of its riverside’s parks, where you can walk by the Tagus’ river. It is perfect to have a relaxed stroll, while you can admire the landscape and take beautiful pictures. It is also a very visited place by local joggers and cyclers, but as the riverfront walk is so large, there’s plenty of space for everyone.

If Parque das Nações appears to be a place you would be happy settling down in, check out some of the best properties available in this area: Properties for sale in Parque das Nações.

Parque do Tejo park in Lisbon

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3. Tapada das Necessidades

Tapada das Necessidades is one of the best places in Lisbon to sunbathe, have a picnic, read a book or even flirt with your better half. It has an extensive grassy area, perfect to get some rest. The astonishing ponds surrounded by exotic plants, the pink palace that once was a royal residence, as well as its amazing viewpoint will leave you speechless. This park has become increasingly part of the routine of local people, giving its pleasant natural solarium. 

See properties near Tapada das Necessidades here.

Tapada das Necessidades Park in Lisbon

4. Jardim Botânico Tropical

Jardim Botânico Tropical is a botanical garden located in Belém, which is home to over 500 perennial species of tropical and subtropical origin. It is known by different names, being “Colonial Garden” one of them. The reason for that is because it was initially created for scientific and educational purposes in the 20th century, to study the tropical and subtropical species of Portuguese colonies. It is a stunning and unique place to visit that makes anyone wonder.

See properties in Belém, near Jardim Botânico Tropical, here.

Jardim Botanico Tropical garden in Lisbon

5. Jardim da Estrela

In the last years, this garden has become one of the favourite spots for Lisbon’s teenagers. They all flock there to meet their friends in the kiosks or to just wander through the woods. In the last year, before the pandemic, it also started to be the stage of multiple outdoor dance parties, with DJ’s playing live. However, during the day, Jardim da Estrela can also be a very relaxed and peaceful place to stroll and spend time with the kids. You can safely let your kids run loose while you enjoy your smoothie in the kiosk.

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Jardim da Estrela Garden in Lisbon

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6. Jardim Calouste Gulbenkian

Surrounding the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, there is a landscape architecture masterpiece, the Gulbenkian Garden. It was designed by two very acclaimed landscape architects - António Viana Barreto and Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles - being a reference work in this field in Portugal. This garden is ideal for all sorts of leisure and cultural activities and is also home to a variety of different flora. Here you can either stroll, enjoy an open-air concert, relax by the lake or watch the ducks that are always wandering near the water.

Gulbenkian garden in Lisbon

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