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500K Golden Visa in Portugal

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Published on 20 March, 2023 • Last updated on 20 March, 2023

By Portugal Homes

500K Golden Visa in Portugal

The Golden Visa Portugal initiative is an EU residency programme proposed in 2008, with the sole objective of creating a push for overseas investment in the country; in turn, this programme guaranteed non-European nationals who are high calibre investors giving a chance to gain freedom of travel. 

The residency-permit-for-investment-activity (ARI), mostly known as the Golden Visa Portugal, features three options of investment; through real estate investments, secondly, by way of capital investment, or by creating at least ten job opportunities for Portuguese nationals.  

The most sought-after Golden Visa option by avid investors will be real estate investment for EU residency through the Golden Visa programme, broken down into two investment values, at €350,000 and €500,000.  

In this article, we will discuss in-depth Portugal Golden Visa property investments of €500K, which real estate licensing types are eligible in accordance with the programme regulations, and key details relevant when investing in a €500,000 Golden Visa. 

Aerial view of the Algarve region and coastline in Portugal.


Portugal Golden Visa €500,000 Real Estate Investment Option 

In this golden visa investment acquisition level, the real estate purchase amount of €500,000 or more, can be made on all types of property licensing, such as Commercial, Touristic and Residential. However, property type eligibility varies upon the locale of investment, which is vital information for clients seeking to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa programme. 

The Golden Visa regulations as of January 1st, 2022, states that all real estate property purchased for investment through the golden visa programme must be situated within two regions, high- & low-density regions, which can only be eligible under specific property licensing types.  

Low-density regions refer to rural areas in the interior of Portugal, where commercial, residential, and touristic property licensing is applicable. Lastly, high-density locations refer to highly populated areas in Portugal along the coastline* of the country, where eligible property licensing for the Portugal Golden Visa is commercial and touristic. *Lisbon, Setúbal, Santarém, Leiria, Coimbra, Aveiro, Viseu, Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo and Faro. 

A €500,000 Golden Visa real estate investment in a low-density region of Portugal is eligible under a Touristic, Commercial, and Residential real estate licensing. For Golden Visa eligibility, the real estate purchase must be thirty years old (30 yrs.) for rehabilitation, and should the property be in a low-density region it is applicable for a 20% reduced investment at €400,000; the sum for the property and reconstruction must reach €400K minimum investment. 

With an investment mindset, selecting properties under commercial and touristic property licensing in a high-density region will be more beneficial to an avid investor. This way, our clients and investors have a higher potential for a greater yield, and a good investment exit strategy, due to the property's prime location. 

In the €500K golden visa venture, an investor may hold concerns about the rehabilitation process, but this is exactly where Portugal Homes very own Project Development & Construction department comes into play. Our company offers construction services catered to Golden Visa clients, with a sole focus on accomplishing all the essential requirements for a successful investment. 

For more in-depth details on the Portugal Golden Visa changes and restrictions as of January 2022, please see the link below to an extended article and video from our CEO, David Poston. 

2022 Portugal Golden Visa Update with David Poston.
Click here to learn more.

€500K Golden Visa Portugal Requirements  

For the €500K Golden Visa Portugal investment, one of the most critical requirements will be based on the selected estate in Portugal in either a high or low-density location. Should the selected property investment be in a low-density location, the real estate purchased must be a rehabilitation property over thirty years old (30 yrs.). 

Additionally, the rehabilitation project must include a property renovation contract (works contract), along with a submission with proof of property acquisition; in this case, due to its low-density locale, the Golden Visa applicant is eligible to receive a 20% reduced investment at €400,000 which is to cover construction and property costs. 

The investor must keep the real estate investment for six years (the period of the golden visa application process) and stay in the country for fourteen days minimum, either consecutively or intermittently every two years, for the mandatory biometrics visa renewal. 

The investment funds must come from outside of Portugal, and the applicant (and applicant's family if included) must present a valid document for legal entry and stay in Portugal, along with a clean criminal record; and no affiliation/application with the Portuguese Immigration (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras - SEF) and Schengen services.   

Advantages of Portugal Golden Visa €500,000 Real Estate Rehabilitation Option 

Foreign citizens looking for European residency as a family unit can take advantage of the fantastic real estate investments with the Portugal Golden Visa programme. An applicant with a spouse, dependant child, or adopted child (underage), dependent young adult in studies (over 18 years), dependant parents of applicant or spouse, or dependent young sibling (guardianship) is eligible to include their family. 

The Golden Visa Portugal offers top investment benefits, such as immediate profit, guaranteed rental income opportunities, and favourable tax jurisdiction for financially conscious, and high-net-worth investors. The Portuguese Real Estate Market is highly attractive to non-EU citizens; through residential, touristic, and commercial property investments.  

Through the €500K Portugal Golden Visa investment option, applicants are eligible for the following alluring advantages:  Earn EU-Residency, Live, Work & Study, Travel Free in Schengen, and recognized as the Best Golden Visa in Europe. 

Advantages of €500,000 Portugal Golden Visa Programme.

Our Portugal Golden Visa 500K Properties 

Portugal Homes has unique property construction developments, fully designed specifically for clientele seeking Golden Visa investments. Our property listings are fully eligible under the January 2022 guidelines; moreover, the available listings are situated in prime locations of Portugal. We have on feature commercial and touristic listings located in Lisbon and the Algarve, deemed as prime locations of Portugal, which ultimately offer investors a greater opportunity for a high return on investment. 

Another amazing property listings at €500,000 in Lisbon, The Lisbon Residences services apartments are situated in a prime location at Parque das Nações, known to be urbanization that features contemporary architecture and modern living spaces just east of Lisbon's city centre. The Lisbon Residences are modern in design and feel, featuring six luxurious apartments; ranging from two to four bedrooms, complete with riverside views of the Tagus River.   


Every apartment unit has been designed for luxury comfort, with Bulthaup kitchen design, Margres Prestige Calacatta tilework, Iroko wooden flooring, and building amenities such as indoor/outdoor heated swimming pools, 24H gymnasium, children playground & club, coworking areas, yoga studio, restaurant & coffeeshops, and family concierge services. The Lisbon Residences project development is eligible for the Golden Visa Portugal programme due to its Touristic licensing, and investors can have the rare opportunity to live throughout twelve months of the year.  


Additionally, we have a fantastic €500,000 Golden Visa Portugal property development in the heart of Lisbon's business and banking district, the Oscar Monteiro Torres II in Avenidas Novas. This five-storey property development is comprised of twenty-five renovated serviced apartments, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, security, concierge services, central heating, air conditioning, a gymnasium, parking access, and elevators. The Oscar Monteiro Torres II serviced apartments are eligible for the Golden Visa Portugal programme due to its Touristic property licensing. 


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Frequently Asked Question about 500K Golden Visa Portugal 

Who is eligible to apply for a €500K  Golden Visa?

All applicants must be over eighteen years old (18 yrs.), and of non-EU citizenship; the investment funds of 500K must come from outside of Portugal, and applicants must hold a clean criminal record. The applicant must keep the investment for six years, with periodic stays in the country (14 days minimum every two years, before the visa renovation). 

Which are the best areas for €500K Golden Visa investments?

The most desired areas in Portugal for real estate investment through the Golden Visa programme, for an investment of €350K or €500K are in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Keep note; there are locale restrictions under residential property for visa-eligibility, as only residential properties in low-density regions are eligible for Golden Visa. 

Why should investors avoid a €500K Golden Visa investment in a low-density locale?

Clients are free to select a property that is Golden Visa eligible in low or high-density locations; however, you must take into consideration which kind of property licensing is associated with.  

High-density properties are eligible for Commercial and Touristic property licensing in key areas such as the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto. While in a low-density location, Golden Visa-eligible properties will be under a residential, commercial and touristic licensing. 

What is the difference between a commercial, touristic and residential listing in the Portugal Golden Visa?

Knowing the difference between each property licensing will be helpful when planning to invest in real estate through the Portugal Golden Visa. The programme regulations have changed since January 1st, 2022, primarily on the exclusion of Residential property licensing in high-density *coastal areas. For instance, a client seeking to obtain a Golden Visa residential listing in Lisbon, would no longer apply, but it will under a touristic or commercial property licence. 

In the Portugal Golden Visa programme, non-EU nationals interested in obtaining residential golden visa property is strictly available in low-density regions, only in interior areas of the country as the programme regulations state (January 1st, 2022, Golden Visa Legislation).  

*Coastal Areas: Lisbon, Setúbal, Santarém, Leiria, Coimbra, Aveiro, Viseu, Porto, Braga, Viana do Castelo and Faro. 

What is a touristic property for Golden Visa?

A touristic property license applies to real estate used for hotels, or services apartments, managed by one entity for maintenance and touristic services in the building at hand. From a Golden Visa standpoint, the investor has a freehold of the unit invested and can sell the property at any moment after the six-year Golden Visa process. 

Which type of property licensing are eligible for the €500K Golden Visa in city centre of Porto?

In a €350K or €500K real estate investment through the Portugal Golden Visa programme, the property licensing will require having a touristic or commercial in a high-density city centre such as Porto, Coimbra, or even Lisbon. To learn more about Golden Visa-eligible investment locations, see our extended article, here. 

What are the overall costs in a €500K Golden Visa application?

For 500K Golden Visa Portugal investments, our experts at Portugal Homes recommend our clients to hold around 6% to 8% above the investment budget when purchasing real estate in Portugal. Important to note on additional costs such as property taxing, stamp duties, and fees which are part of the Portuguese Property Transfer Tax (IMT) 

All applicants will also require paying government fees during the application process, including any additional family inclusions (dependant family members). The Stamp Duty at a fixed price at .80% of the property purchase price, which payment will be made before the deed transfer, and finally, an application renewal fee of 539.66 per applicant (should the primary applicant have dependants) that applies every two-years during the update of your biometrics in Portugal over the investment period of six-years. 

Skyline of Lisbon, Portugal
Furthermore, as of recent news this past month in February, the Portuguese government, there has been non-official news released to the public on the end of the Portugal Golden Visa programme; however, this news is off the record, as the Portuguese parliament requires taking a vote on its final decision to maintain or end the programme. Currently, non-EU nationals seeking to obtain real estate investments through the Golden Visa programme are eligible and valid. 

Our CEOs and Investment directors suggest that now is the best time to invest in property through the visa programme, taking advantage of remarkable investment opportunities such as the 500K Portugal Golden Visa Lisbon Residences; get in touch with Portugal Homes today! 

Invest now through Portugal Golden Visa.

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