Portugal grants migrants citizenship rights during coronavirus outbreak

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Published on 02 April, 2020 • Last updated on 02 April, 2020

By Portugal Homes

Portugal grants migrants citizenship rights during coronavirus outbreak
All migrants in Portugal will be granted citizenship rights and treated as permanent residents until 1 July to ensure they have access to health services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Residency applicants will be ensured access to healthcare, bank accounts, employment, and rental contracts once they provide evidence of an ongoing residency process.

"In these exceptional times, the rights of migrants must be guaranteed.", said Claudia Veloso, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

This measure is not philanthropic solely: if implemented correctly, officials hope it will help prevent contagion by reducing contact between applicants and the border control workforce.

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Official data shows that only in 2019, Brazilians made up the majority of immigrants, followed by Romanians, Ukrainians, Britons and Chinese.

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Although the real estate market in Portugal is connected to tourism and foreign investment, it is also true that the sector is in a much better shape to face the effects the coronavirus is bringing. The Portuguese real estate sector is undeniably more prepared and more professional, to meet the challenges of the digital economy. Siza Vieira, the Minister of Economy, says that the impact that companies are feeling “is moderate or reduced”, but guarantees that if necessary, the State will be available to support the recovery, supporting the cash flow of companies.

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At Portugal Homes, we believe that when the country surpasses the pandemic prevention, there will be an uplift in foreign investment, even more than what we’ve currently seen, as well as high demand on central areas. Reminding that Portugal ranks on 3rd place for the most peaceful countries to live in and to visit, and also a country that boosts and opens itself to multiculturalism, looking at all people equally.

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