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Get a Portugal Golden Visa for 400.000€

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Published on 25 February, 2020 • Last updated on 25 February, 2020

By Portugal Homes

Get a Portugal Golden Visa for 400.000€

Golden Visa is a very straightforward program with a clear set of criteria. This visa allows you to freely travel across european countries, as well as it grants several benefits for you and your family.

Although SEF’s numbers show that the habitual 500.000€ property investment option is still the investor’s top preference, 350.000€ Golden Visa real estate investments have gained more and more popularity over time. These projects require renovation, and it’s fulcral to ensure the right project and legal advice before embarking on such an investment.

Learn more about the Portugal Golden Visa with our Managing Director, David Poston and find out how you can apply

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At the same time, Portugal Golden Visa also enables third-country citizens to purchase properties in low-density areas and invest a reduced amount of 280.000€ or 400.000€.

Check our eligible properties for this investment here.

What are the conditions to invest 280.000€ or 400.000€ on Portugal Golden Visa?

The reduction of capital for these kinds of investments aims to encourage investors to purchase into Portugal’s lesser-known areas. In this sense, the investment amounts of 500.000€ and 350.000€ may be reduced by 20% (to 400.000€ and 280.000€, respectively), if the property you’re purchasing is located in a low-density area, meaning the area has to be low in demographic density (number on inhabitants).

Areas that qualify as low-density


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