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How can a law firm 
help me?

By making sure your licenses are up to date

During the process of purchase / sell, you will deal with some licenses that need to be verified and validated. A knowledgeable lawyer firm will make the process easier.

Efficient negotiation, always aiming for the cheapest deal

Legal Advice will make sure that any possible alterations that have been made to the property are already registered with the municipality.

Expertise in making sure you invest in the right features for you

It's extremely important to have legal advice that knows the market and how things work, so it can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Here at, we have listened to our clients over the years to find out what legal advice they are looking for in a law firm there's one thing we all love about Portugal is the laid-back way of life and the relaxed feeling that comes over you when living here. The people are friendly, and helpful and speak excellent English allowing you to feel relaxed and safe in the country. However, this is not a trait that anyone wants from their lawyer; obviously, you want the friendly and helpful side but not the laidback and relaxed part.

With this in mind and after listening to our clients' feedback we would recommend you find a law firm that has previous experience dealing with international clients. These are usually very efficient and answer emails and questions in a timely manner; all lawyers here are obviously trained in the same way and pass the same exams however we have found that firms who deal with international clients on a daily basis to be much more efficient and complete the process much quicker than lawyers who work mainly in the Portuguese market.

The market in central Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve at the moment is very buoyant and once you take property from the market at reservation it is important to sign promissory at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid delays and losing the property.

Here at, we are happy to assist you and your lawyer with anything they may need, when listing a property, we request many documents from the seller to make the process as quick as possible for you.

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