United Kingdom
June 2024
Portugal Homes' advisors are traveling to the United Kingdom to offer complimentary Private Consultations.
We provide insight into the process of acquiring a residency through investment in Portugal, whether it is with the Portugal Golden Visa or Portugal D2 Visa programme. Our experienced team members will provide you with detailed information catered to your scope of needs.

The value proposition we offer in our meetings

Our Private Consultations cover and promote the Golden Visa, the D2 Visa, and how to buy property in Portugal, plus all the associated formalities involved when investing in Portugal. Besides that, we also offer you a broader set of services, including:

  • Advisory on the Golden Visa program;
  • Advisory on the D2 Visa program, including our exclusive Investment Options;
  • Presentation of the best properties in Portugal;
  • After Sales services, including Property Management, Tax Representation and Furniture Support.

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of Europe's finest Residency by Investment programs, playing a key role in Portugal's upward trajectory and bringing over €7 billion to the economy, according to the latest statistics. However, in October 2023, the Real Estate option was discontinued for the Golden Visa application. Nevertheless, Portugal still offers a Golden Visa program for foreign investors to gain Residency. The Portugal D2 Visa emerges as the best alternative to the Golden Visa, currently being the fastest way to European Citizenship.

The expertise that counts

Portugal Homes is proud to have been a pioneer in the Portugal Golden Visa and D2 Visa landscape, successfully guiding thousands of investors to their perfect Property & Residency in Portugal. Our Directors & Senior Advisors have a wealth of experience in the Portugal Real Estate market & Residency by Investment programs and can advise and guide you on all aspects of investing in Portugal.

817 hours flying
18 countries visited
32 cities visited
2000+ meetings held

About the meetings

All our private meetings are complimentary, meaning no payment is necessary. However, we recommend booking a time slot in advance, as we have limited availability in each country we visit. Note: All the meetings are held in English. Please feel free to bring a translator if needed. We strive to make each meeting as personal as possible. With an approximate duration of 1 hour, we aim to discuss all the information you may need, always focusing on your specific requirements.

If you are considering applying for the Portugal Golden Visa, the Portugal D2 Visa, or the Portuguese Real Estate investment, this is the moment.

Why Portugal

Portugal is a thriving country and one of the best in the world to live in.

Pristine Blue Flag Beaches and mild weather

Affordable Cost of Living

Safety and Low Crime Rate

Quality Healthcare

Affordable Education

English Speaking

United Arab Emirates
16th April
Westin Hotel - Cape Town
16th April
Westin Hotel - Cape Town
16th April
Westin Hotel - Cape Town


What our clients say about us

This experience started with Kate Goucher and ended with João Bosco. It was smooth, efficient and professional. 

Zak Alaoui
From Morocco

The Portugal Homes team is very available, helpful and keen to assist and provide additional follow up information. 

Irene Babille
From Kenya

Extremely hard working professionals investing in educating their clients on a complex market

Mike Porcaro
From United Kingdom

Ryan has been extremely helpful and responsive to our questions. It was a delight to have worked with him, including Mariana, Luísa, and David as well. Very experienced team!

Marjorie Tan-Thronson
From USA

David comes across as a very knowledgeable and very understanding with clients needs. His professionalism is well demonstrated in the way he tailored the options for us based on our requirements. Very happy!

Ahsan Ahmed
From United Arab Emirates