Lisbon Furniture Packs

Lisbon Furniture Packs is a company created to support, and assist the need of Golden Visa clients or Foreigner Investors that wish to furnish their property overseas. OurAfter Sales Departmentprovides this service, within their package, if requested.

Being highly experienced within the Real Estate Portuguese Market, we are very much aware of the requirements and needs of an investor. Usually, their time is short and they wish to work withefficient companies that meet their expectations.

For efficiency purposes we understand thatviewing the property does not require the owner to be present. We are used to contacting the lawyers directly, or other contacts available in order to schedule our first viewing.Being able to view the property, determines the efficiency of our job. We will right away determine the style that the building has, the area that it is integrated in, the typology of the apartment, and the current layout. More than viewing plans, we view the property itself, which allows us to provide our client with an excellent furniture proposal.

After viewing the property it is also important to assess what style does the client like best within his budget. Having these three elements - viewing, budget and style -, enables us todeliver a proposal that will best suit the clients' needs.

Working with our premium furniture service

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