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Riverside 280 GV Portugal property eligible for Golden Visa
  • 1-2 Quartos
  • March 2023
  • REF: PW2087

Seu guia para Viseu

Propriedade em Viseu

Viseu, and enchanting city situated in the center of Portugal, surrounded by mountains and rivers Vouga and Dao. As you pass by the inner city centre, you´ll be in awe by the well-kept gardens, plazas, charming cafes and restaurants, and beautiful architecture.


Viseu is a great city with immense potential for residential or commercial investments, due to its city appeal and access to top universities, such as Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Catholic University, and School of Technology, among many more . Great, for a property investment opportunity in student housing, for example, speak to our Portugal Homes experts and we can guide you around Viseu's best investment opportunities, whether it is to relocate, or a vacation home in this beautiful city.

Viver em Viseu

Viseu life is utterly breezy! The locals are friendly, clean streets, rich history and culture, and not only are you in close proximity to beautiful nature; with plenty of hiking trails, river beaches and recreational parks to indulge in.


The cost of living in Viseu is reasonable with affordable groceries, transportation services, and housing prices vary depending upon how close to the city. Overall, Viseu is known as a city offering the lowest cost of living rate when compared to bigger cities such as Lisbon, and Porto.

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