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Your Guide to Vilamoura

Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features
Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features
Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features

Explore Vilamoura

Vilamoura is a luxury resort located in the western part of the Algarve. It’s known for its large marina, golf courses and casino, and for amazing sandy beaches. This privately owned resort was built in the 1980’s and has over the years become one of the finest resorts in Europe.

A Fazer em Vilamoura

Museum of Cerro da Vila Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Museum of Cerro da Vila

Why not start by learning the area's past in the Museum of Cerro da Vila. These Roman ruins are an archaeological and historical treat. The site had been inhabited by humans since the Bronze Age, but the Romans were the first to establish a large-scale, permanent settlement here in the year 27BC. Two large villas were built here, and today fragments of the walls can be seen alongside pieces of mosaic. You should still see the remains of the bathhouses.

Vilamoura Marina Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Vilamoura Marina

The Marina is a great place for wandering around day or night. There are a number of boats that run excursions along the coast towards Lagos and beyond. On both sides of the marina are sandy beaches with several cafes and bars. Vilamoura is especially popular with sports enthusiasts as it has excellent facilities

Golfing Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts


Vilamoura is home to six different Golf Courses. These six different courses combined offer thousands of acres of the playground and are a great place to unwind and enjoy the sport. Some of the most popular golf courses are: Millenium, Laguna, Pinhal, Old Course. Algarve has been considered as the “Best Golf Destination in the World 2020”, adding to the vast collection of accolades and worldwide recognition. Learn more about it here.

Aquashow  Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts


This water park is located in Quarteira, just a few minutes away from Vilamoura. This giant water park has one of the biggest water roller coasters in the world and plenty of other slides and attractions perfect for all ages. 

Vilamoura and Quarteira Segway Tour Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Vilamoura and Quarteira Segway Tour

This Segway tour is ideal for you if you're tired of walking around and just want to enjoy the scenery without sweating!

You will be able to relax for about an hour and a half and see the ocean, the cliffs, and the beautiful Vilamoura and Quarteira beaches. You can spend your time and visit the local shops and restaurants, or merely remember them and visit them later.

This activity is enjoyable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and the helmet, segway and insurance are included in the price.

Faro Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts


This is the capital city of the Algarve, it’s home to around 50,000 people which makes it a nice quiet destination to start your journey around the Algarve. Its old town is home to some historic, traditional roman and Portuguese architecture and beautiful coloured buildings.

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Informação Local para Vilamoura

Transportation - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Transportation

Though Vilamoura does not have a bus station or train station, it is just a few hours away from the capital, Lisbon, and with many opportunities to rent a car, you’ll never feel too far from the action in this resort.  You can get a bus from Albufeira to Armação de Pêra and Vilamoura for €4.25

Beaches - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Beaches

Algarve is the home of blue flag beaches in Europe. Falésia is a unique beach with colourful red cliffs in the background. It’s located on the southern side of the resort.

Praia de Vilamoura is another beautiful beach with warm yellow sand and great clear waters. It’s not as popular and Falésia, so it is a perfect place for those who prefer quieter beaches.

Explore the most amazing beaches in Portugal here.

Weather - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Weather

The Algarve is home to amazing weather with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year and with temperatures in the winter never really hitting below 10 degrees. This is what makes this coastal city the best winter resort! In Vilamoura between June to September, temperatures are at their peak, creating for some amazing days at the beach and even in the winter the temperatures are around 12ºC. The average annual temperature is 17.2ºC. The hottest month of the year is August with an average temperature of 23.4ºC and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 12ºC.

Restaurants & Bars - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Restaurants & Bars

Villamoura is home to some amazing eateries with some restaurants holding Michelin stars! So if you are looking for a place with fine dining, then Villamoura is it!

Oliveira Dourada is a cosy restaurant on the northern part of the resort serving a wide variety of dishes from all over the world. 

Willie’s Restaurant is a Michelin star restaurant and one of the best in the Algarve and is definitely worth the visit.

For something sweet why not head to La Creperie Marina de Vilamoura located in the heart of the luxury resort of Vilamoura, this restaurant serves some of the best crepes you will have ever tasted with a range of flavorful toppings to choose from. There are also delicious salads for you to try, in case you don’t fancy a crepe.


Airport - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Airport

The closest airport is located in Faro and is only a 30-minute drive away from Vilamoura.

Shopping - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Shopping

As Vilamoura is a small resort in the Algarve, there isn’t a big shopping centre. However there are mini-malls like Oriental Shopping Vilamoura, and this mall has it all from basics to essentials for tourists.

Propriedades à venda em Vilamoura

Quarteira Portugal property eligible for Golden Visa
  • Apartamentos
  • 2 Quartos
  • 83 sqm
  • REF: PW2028
  • Villa
  • 6 Quartos
  • 666 sqm
  • REF: PW1400
  • 2-3 Quartos
  • 2020
  • REF: PW314
  • 2-4 Quartos
  • 2020
  • REF: PW344

É fantástico como o Ryan tinha um conhecimento completo sobre Lisboa e nos tratou da melhor maneira.

Akbar Ali - Investidor do Paquistão

Ryan é muito profissional, mas também amigável e conhecedor do mercado Golden Visa. Também se mostrou flexível, pois, com um curto aviso prévio, viajou do Algarve para me se reunir comigo em Lisboa e substituir 1 colega.

Investir do Reino Unido

A Portugal Homes fez um excelente trabalho mantendo-me atualizado sobre o progresso da compra da minha nova casa, fornecendo relatórios regulares e abrangentes. Isto ajudou-me a aliviar a ansiedade sobre a compra de uma casa durante a pandemia.

Investidor dos EUA

Embora através do Zoom, estabelecemos uma grande confiança na integridade do George. [Foi] importante para nós ter confiança na capacidade do staff em se sentir alinhados em visões.

Donald Collie de Austrália

O processo foi bastante rápido e claro. Obtive toda a informação que precisava na primeira hora de conversa. A experiência foi perfeita.

Tomoko Inoue do Japão

Overwhelming. Luisa has exceeded our expectations on all levels. Trust was established immediately. Enhanced by super friendly professionalism. The networks to banks, accountants, lawyers was seamless. there is not enough space here to write all the positives, enough to say we are making an offer and we only arrived 4 days ago. Its impossible to improve from perfection!

John Mulroe and Wiebke Bock

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