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Portugal Homes - Portugal property experts features
Portugal Homes - Portugal property experts features
Portugal Homes - Portugal property experts features

Explore Saldanha

O Saldanha está situado no centro de Lisboa e combina o Central Business District com os centros comerciais envolventes com uma forte componente residencial e cultural. É uma zona frequentada por quem procura viver no centro da cidade.


Saldanha é um dos bairros mais novos de Lisboa, tendo sido fundado em meados do século XIX pelo Duque João Carlos, só tendo sido reconhecido após a sua morte em 1922. Inspirado nas cidades de Paris e Londres, este bairro tem o coração do Duque de Saldanha estátua, bem como nas largas avenidas e ruas com belo paisagismo.


O bairro passou por uma série de construções pesadas nos anos 90, pois investidores privados desejavam dar-lhe um toque mais moderno e elegante. Eles deram vida ao Atrium Saldanha, um dos maiores edifícios conhecidos na área hoje. Além do mais, a maioria dos edifícios aqui foram construídos após a Primeira Guerra Mundial, adicionando uma sensação de charme à atmosfera e um toque parisiense para quem anda pelas ruas de Saldanha.


Saldanha mima os investidores com muitos apartamentos e propriedades de luxo que foram remodelados e restaurados, mantendo as suas características tradicionais. Isso torna a área atraente para expatriados que desejam se mudar para o centro da cidade de Lisboa.

A Fazer em Saldanha

Praça Duque de Saldanha Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Praça Duque de Saldanha

Praça do Duque de Saldanha is one of the main squares in the city of Lisbon, shared by the parishes of Arroios and Avenidas Novas, dedicated to Marechal Duque de Saldanha - João Carlos de Saldanha Oliveira e Daun. In the middle of the square, an imposing statue of Duque de Saldanha can be found honouring its valiant deeds to the nation.

Atrium Saldanha Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Atrium Saldanha

The Atrium, a smart and contemporary institution in the centre of Lisbon's commercial area, is arguably best known as an office complex, with business spaces filling the building's upper nine floors. There are 78 shops and restaurants on the first three floors of the mall. The Food Hall is the true lure, with various restaurants and cafés serving executives from the offices, offering regional cuisine, fast food burgers, or oriental sushi. Live piano music is sometimes played during the afternoon!

Indulge yourself in sweets in Pastelaria Versailles Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Indulge yourself in sweets in Pastelaria Versailles

Pastelaria Versailles is one of the oldest pastry shops in Lisbon. It opened in 1922 and has a unique social and cultural atmosphere to it thanks to its Art Nouveau interiors.  

Known for the largest assortment of biscuits in Lisbon, Pastelaria Versailles also sells homemade pastéis de nata and all sorts of Portuguese pastries, as well as Portuguese meals throughout the day.

Although the pastry is very much frequented by locals today, in the 80’s it fell into hard times, going bankrupt as Saldanha district slowly transformed into a financial district. Luckily, not too soon after, investors bought the space, turning it into the successful business it is nowadays.

Jardim Arco do Cego Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Jardim Arco do Cego

The Arco do Cego garden is located near the Saldanha roundabout. It's a small garden, but with space for you to hang out with your friends. Due to its proximity to Instituto Superior Técnico university, students tend to relax after classes with a few beers and end up filling the entire garden. But they are not the only ones. There are those who come from far away to come to "Arco" for a beer, and there are several schools in the area that surround the garden.

You can also sit on the terraces of the kiosk located at the foot of Saldanha’s metro station; or on the terrace of Cidália, a café where you can snack some pastries; or at 100 Montaditos, where you can eat tapas and drink mugs of beer at cheap prices (especially on Wednesdays and Sundays, when the beer mug is cheaper) while watching a football game with the locals.

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Informação Local para Saldanha

Airport - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Airport

The closest airport to Saldanha is the Lisbon one, and it takes around 13 minutes by bus to travel from the airport to the city centre. You can also get the metro’s red line directly from the Saldanha station to the Airport station.

Transportation - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Transportation

Being in the main artery of Lisbon, Saldanha offers plenty of transport links. From here, you have the metro station Saldanha, and also buses that will take you from northwest to southeast central Lisbon.

Shopping - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Shopping

Saldanha is a cooperative area, however there are still a few shopping malls around if you wish to shop:

  • Atrium Saldanha

  • Dolce Vita Monumental

  • Saldanha Residence

If you fancy strolling around shopping malls, then El Corte Inglés is nearby and will serve you well with its high-end brands for really reasonable prices.


Similar to the other southern European countries, Portugal typically tends to see warm temperatures and nice weather conditions throughout the whole year. Saldanha has a mild climate. You can expect to find 25°C during the summer months and, as the colder months start to creep in, the temperatures will drop to around 11°C. November is the month that sees the most rainfall, which can be around 128mm on average.

Restaurants & Bars - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Restaurants & Bars

Pastries for the morning, and fanciful meals throughout the day. For a trip to the past, for the best éclair in town or to eat at the bar, after midnight. There’s a little bit of everything in Saldanha for the food lovers. Here’s our selection of restaurants and bars:

  • Aron Sushi Saldanha

  • Gazpaxo

  • L’Éclair

  • Galeto

  • Pastelaria Versailles

  • Choupana Caffe

Beaches - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Beaches

Saldanha is located by the Tagus river, having different beach coastlines nearby. To the west of Lisbon lies the Oeiras-Estoril-Cascais coastline, where there are beautiful sandy beaches, blessed with a calm sea in the summer months. In the northwest of Lisbon, you can find the Sintra coastline, which is made up of cliffs and embodies wild scenery, where you can truly immerse yourself in nature. The Costa da Caparica coastline is in the south of Lisbon and is sought-after for its wide-open beaches.  This coastline comprises a large stretch of beaches, spread along to the western coast, highly popular among surfers all year long.

Propriedades à venda em Saldanha

  • Apartamentos
  • 2 Quartos
  • 80 sqm
  • REF: PW2383
  • Apartamentos
  • 2 Quartos
  • 70 sqm
  • REF: PW452
Avenidas Novas
  • Apartamentos
  • 3 Quartos
  • 120 sqm
  • REF: PW425
Oasis 28
  • 0-4 Quartos
  • 07/2022
  • REF: PW1301
Saldanha 12
  • 2-3 Quartos
  • June 2019
  • REF: PW312

Thanks to Andreia Leite for the comprehensive and timely updates on the construction progress of the new development we purchased!

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Ryan was an excellent real estate agent, he really steered me in the right direction based on what I said was important to me. Living in another country, I wasn't as familiar with the city as he is. Where I thought I wanted to live and what I truly wanted were not the same. He took the time to listen and figure out the best spot for me, and we are very happy with it - far more than we would have been elsewhere.

Investidor dos EUA

A experiência geral foi ótima desde o acompanhamento até o pós-venda. Gostaria de agradecer especialmente ao Sr. Simon, à Sra. Francisca e à Sra. Mariana.

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George Hobson é um jovem agradável, conhecido como conhecedor, experiente, trabalhador, honesto e disciplinado; Senti-me muito confortável em fazer facilmente o meu investimento.

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