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Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features
Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features
Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts features

Explore Lagos

Lagos é uma cidade histórica localizada no magnífico e vibrante Barlavento Algarvio. Uma cidade com uma rica história marítima e um ambiente natural espetacular. Lagos é hoje um dos melhores destinos de férias do Algarve.

A orgulhosa cidade portuguesa de Lagos tem ruas de paralelepípedos, restaurantes incríveis e um ambiente muito descontraído e amigável. Lagos mistura a cultura tradicional portuguesa com praias douradas e novas atracções turísticas.

A Fazer em Lagos

Ponta da Piedade Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Ponta da Piedade

Only a few minutes from the Old Center of Lagos, there is a Portuguese natural wonder to be discovered. The Ponta da Piedade has red and yellow calcareous rocks, outcrops and piles of 20m, with sparkling walls and clear water below. There are also boat tours that navigate the fascinating cliff structures, while for the more daring visitors, there are kayak or Stand Up Paddleboard tours.

A visit to the Ponta da Piedade on the landside is equally enjoyable, with walking trails leading to the top cliffs, a set of stairs leading to the most picturesque beach view, and a scenic sidewalk, that provides wonderful views over the coastline.

Praia do Camilo Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo is a secluded beach and highly esteemed worldwide amongst locals, tourists and travel experts. Praia do Camilo is located between the other marvels of the region: Praia da Dona Ana and Ponta da Piedade.

To get to the beach, you have to walk down a long wood staircase of about 200 steps from which you will be able to enjoy an impressive view of the cove. The beach is usually very full in the summer months, but it is a real paradise during winter!

Old Lagos Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Old Lagos

The diversity of historical landmarks and structures in the old quarter has been expressed in Lagos' culture. The city became a Moorish trade port and was founded as a maritime and exploratory centre from the 14th to 15th centuries, but Lagos was constantly under threat of theft by pirates and foreign invaders.

Lagos is a treat to visit around with fun shopping and cobblestone avenues. The old town sights are near each other and comprise:

  • The charming Fort of Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, that once held the entry to the estuary of Lagos
  • The Church of St. Anthony, which disguises some of Portugal's finest wood carvings
  • The first European slave market, Mercado de Escravos, which later became a customs house
  • The best-preserved part of old city walls is the gate of Saint Gonçalo.
Lagos Marina Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Lagos Marina

Established in 1994, Lagos' award-winning marina is situated in the Lagos Harbor, near the historic centre of the city. It is a fun spot for a walk along the palm-fringed seafront with street stalls selling souvenirs and a decent selection of pubs, restaurants and shops that do a roaring trade.

Forte da Ponta da Bandeira Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts

Forte da Ponta da Bandeira

The Nossa Senhora da Penha de França fortress, also known as the fort of Ponta da Bandeira was built in the late 17th century. Provided that it was one of Lagos' later defensive fortresses, the fortress is still intact. The complex consists of a chapel of Saint Barbara and a tiling from the end of the 18th century. This memorial, totally rebuilt in the 1960s, provides a strong picture of the old Lagos Naval Forts.

Forte da Ponta da Bandeira is also host to one of Lagos' most traditional festivities, the 29th Swim. Once undertaken for reasons of purification, the council’s people would go for a swim at midnight on August 29th.

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Informação Local para Lagos

Transportation - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Transportation

It’s easy to get around Lagos on foot, since most of the city is fairly flat, especially around the stunning marina. We advise you to always wear comfortable shoes because of the cobbled streets and whatever hills you might find in your day. Buses and taxis will also help you get around, and trains can connect most of the Algarve’s cities and travel to Lisbon and Spain as well. For more information, visit their timetables for all routes.

Weather - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Weather

The Algarve offers 3000 hours of sun per year and a weak average precipitation rate. Winter exists but is normally short, rainy and soft, with temperatures going from 10ºC (min) to 18ºC (max) on average. Spring is always uncertain in terms of rain, but temperatures normally go from 12ºC (min) to 22ºC (max). Summer in the Algarve is long, hot and dry, extends from the middle of May to the end of September, with temperatures oscillating between 19ºC (min) and 30ºC (max), on average. The interior is much hotter than at the coastline. The highest ever recorded temperature in the Algarve was 44ºC at the Faro Airport region in July 2004. Autumn normally begins with the first rains of October and an average temperature drop to about 16ºC (min) and 25ºC (max).

Restaurants & Bars - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Restaurants & Bars

Portugal may not have had the same media attention like Spain or Italy or France in Europe, but its gastronomy is world renown and all Portuguese locals know the true value of a proper meal paired with the right wine and with the best table with friends and family. The Algarve is no exception. Dive into the local dishes and let yourself be blown away. Here follow a few of our recommendations for a few fantastic dining and bar experiences in Lagos:


Airport - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Airport

The closest airport to Lagos is Faro International Airport (FAO). It is currently the third largest airport in terms of traffic in Portugal just after Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon) and Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto). Currently, most of the movements registered at the Faro International Airport are due to the large increase in the low-cost connections, increasing its influence in the southwestern corner of the country. To cope with increased traffic, the airport has been expanded and substantially modernised in recent years featuring a track with 2,490 meters of length and 45 of width by which can receive all types of aeroplanes.

Beaches - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Beaches

The whole Algarve is known for its stunning vivid beaches. This region is blessed with an astonishing coastline of towering cliffs, hidden coves and vast expanses of pristine sands. There are beaches for anyone: family beaches, sunbathing beaches and wind-swept beaches for surfers.

Here’s a list of beaches you can enjoy while in Lagos:

  • Meia Praia

  • Praia Dona Ana

  • Praia do Camilo

  • Praia da Batata

These are within walking distance of the historic center of Lagos, and it is just a quick drive or bus ride to the beautiful beaches of Praia da Luz, Burgau or Porto De Mos.

Shopping - Portugal Home - Portugal propety experts Shopping

Shopping in Lagos is amongst the most fun things that you can do on your Algarve trip. For centuries the city's seaside traditions have influenced local craftsmen and in their shops, you find real art pieces. Imaginative shops display ceramics, arts and decorations created by local designers, while clothes retailers offer sophisticated designer items.

Take a stroll on the promenade and visit the traditional markets. This is a great chance to appreciate Lagos' cultural climate and its industries. There is also fresh seafood and fine foods from the rich farmlands of the Algarve. Here are shopping experiences that will appeal to every budget:

  • Mercado Municipal de Lagos

  • Rua Candido dos Reis

Propriedades à venda em Lagos

Porto de mos
  • Apartamentos
  • 2 Quartos
  • 89.3 m2
  • REF: PW2284
Luz Portugal property eligible for Golden Visa
  • Villa
  • 6 Quartos
  • 197 m2
  • REF: PW2165
  • Apartamentos
  • 5 Quartos
  • 300 sqm
  • REF: PW267
Lagos Portugal property eligible for Golden Visa
  • 2-3 Quartos
  • December 2022
  • REF: PW2049
  • 2-3 Quartos
  • 2020
  • REF: PW1973
280 Golden Visa Investment Villa Termal , Algarve Portugal property eligible for Golden Visa
  • 2020
  • REF: PW1428

O meu consultor, Mathew McGurn, foi realmente excelente! Os seus conhecimentos, profissionalismo e atenção ao detalhe foram muito apreciados. Ele trabalhou duro não apenas para encontrar uma propriedade que atendesse a todos os meus requisitos, mas também negociou com sucesso com os agentes, garantindo que minha oferta conquistasse outros compradores que disputavam a mesma propriedade. Além disso, as suas capacidades de comunicação, tempo de resposta rápido e ajuda geral para a minha instalação em Portugal foram acima e além do normal.

Investidor dos EUA

Caro Sérgio, muito obrigado por arranjar o nosso 1º Esquerdo. Nós amamos a nossa casa nova, e a sua atenção aos detalhes é muito apreciada.

Tim Thronson - Investidor dos EUA

Um serviço completo, oportunidade única. Muito fácil para nós como estrangeiros. O Ryan Dunn superou as nossas expectativas. Estamos muito felizes com trabalho dele!

Jose Arias - Investidor dos EUA

Todas as pessoas com quem me encontrei e com quem falei têm sido extremamente experientes e profissionais. Lidar com nativos em inglês que entendem as coisas da minha perspectiva foi muito reconfortante. Por fim, saber que estava com o Matthew ao meu lado deu-me confiança para prosseguir com o processo de compra de um apartamento em Lisboa. Muito obrigado.

Investidor dos EUA

Até agora, tem sido ótimo. O Simon é muito experiente e amigável.

Loay El Abiad - Investidor da Arábia Saudita

É fantástico como o Ryan tinha um conhecimento completo sobre Lisboa e nos tratou da melhor maneira.

Akbar Ali - Investidor do Paquistão

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