Tax Updates for Non-Residents in Portugal

Tax Updates for Non-Residents in Portugal
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Published: 30th June 2022, 12:47pm
Updated: 23rd September 2022, 10:35am

Appointment of a tax representative is no longer mandatory for those with no tax obligations in Portugal. Taxpayers residing outside the EU are no longer required to have a tax representative if they do not have to pay any tax in Portugal, this will however remain an obligation if they have a car or house in the country.

The Portuguese Tax Authorities have recently published a clarification of procedures regarding the appointment of tax representatives by non-residents. It has been clarified that the appointment of a representative is only mandatory in the case of persons who fulfil all the following conditions:

● do not have tax domicile in Portugal or in the European Union or the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein);

● do not meet the legal requirements to have the tax resident status;

● are not taxable persons for Portuguese purposes;

● are not subject to compliance with obligations or do not wish to exercise any rights in relation to the tax authorities.

When would our investors need a tax representative?

The same understanding states that the obligation to appoint a tax representative in Portugal becomes mandatory if, after the granting of a NIF (Tax Identification Number) as a non-resident and while residing in a third country, the taxpayer “comes to be the subject of a tax legal relationship”, namely, to own a vehicle and/or a property registered/located in Portuguese territory, to enter into an employment contract in Portuguese territory or to carry out a self-employed activity in Portuguese territory.

Likewise, “citizens who declare their residence in a third country and who are subject to a tax legal relationship must appoint a tax representative (individual or legal person)”, when they have a tax legal relationship, that is, if they have tax on a car or property, an employment contract in Portuguese territory or are self-employed in Portuguese territory.

“In these situations, the appointment of the tax representative must be made within 15 days of the change of address to a third country”, states the document.

Please find more detailed information on this Portuguese government portal here.

How do our After Sales services help our overseas investor clientele?

Our After Sales team specializes in assisting the clients in every mandatory operation that comes during and after the purchasing of your property. The company’s main goal is to make sure that you have the best possible experience while investing in Portugal, as well as obtaining the best return on your investment. We offer tailor-made services as we have quite an ambitious goal and that is why we have forged essential tools to assure the many advantages of our After-Sales:

Fiscal Representation

If you intend to invest in Portugal, it is mandatory for you to possess a Portuguese Tax ID. This document is important since it allows you to open a Portuguese bank account so that you can move your funds in order to acquire the property that you desire. Both of these actions are easy to manage, as many companies such as law firms can provide them. However – and we do not say it to brag -, most of the prices practised by the majority of them are frequently more expensive, while we guarantee efficient fiscal services for a more modest price. We will assist you during this process and once it is finished, the team will be responsible for all your financial duties to the Portuguese state, such as VAT Returns, Tax Returns, issuing of receipts, Council Tax Payment, you name it. Just leave it to us!

Property Management

Another common service from this department is Property Management, very convenient for clients who do not have availability to stay in Portugal to follow the necessary developments of the property. Our Property Managers can be your eyes and ears in your absence in Portugal – they will always keep you updated with thorough reports regarding any issue involving your property. By issues, understand works such as renovations, maintenance procedures, connecting utilities and other services such as Internet and TV. We can hold the keys to your castle and make sure that your property is well conserved.

We will also be there for any appointments with the City Council like energy readings and installation of water and electric systems.

Condominium Representation

Every habitational building has condominium meetings with all its residents to discuss daily topics with the intent to make sure it is well preserved, and it has the proper conditions to assure the best life quality to its residents. You can count on us to be your ambassadors –

your ideas and concerns regarding the condominium will be exposed and any decisions that are made, as well as updates, shall be transmitted to you constantly.

Concierge Service

Need a transfer from the airport to your apartment? Want to explore and do not know where to go? Feeling hungry and having no idea which restaurant to pick? Say no more – we will be delighted to be your guide during your stay in Portugal with our Concierge Service.

By being an After Sales client, with the Concierge Services you get access to free transfers from the airport to your accommodation once a year. Plus, we can arrange anything you wish: from booking restaurants to organize tours and other activities, we want you to have a hassle-free experience so that you can fully enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

If you think that it ends here - there is much more than this aftercare department can offer you. To us, each client is unique due to his/her needs and that is why our concierge services can serve each one differently in so many ways that it is almost impossible to summarize it. In order to complement all the major services, the After Sales team developed a series of packages dedicated to very specific needs. If we caught your interest and you want to know more, feel free to meet the team and get in touch with our staff anytime you desire – we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Furniture Services

Besides providing a complete service, our team at Portugal Homes also provides the best solutions for both affordable and luxury furniture, according to the clients’ needs, usage of apartment and style - the Lisbon Furniture Packs. Learn more about how you can turn your property into a good return on investment here.

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