Post-Brexit Golden Visa in Portugal

Post-Brexit Golden Visa in Portugal
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Post-Brexit travel regulations for Europe have left property owners and tourists anxious about being able to enter Portugal without a visa

Britain and the European Union have negotiated a post-Brexit trade agreement, with failures likely to lead to increased mutual trade uncertainty, the collapse of financial markets, and immense economic costs.

It is known that the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the Single Market or the Customs Union and that freedom of movement does no longer apply, but there are many other things, such as visa-free travel to EU countries, fishing rights, state assistance, university funding, roaming fees and the effect of Brexit on the automotive and food production industries.

Being one of the most attractive countries for a second residency, as elected by Forbes, those from the United Kingdom who look to relocate to Portugal will now have to apply for a visa. In a recent interview held by Property Investor Today, we saw that Brits have concerns regarding acquiring a Portugal Golden Visa, move freely in the EU, amongst other worries.

What is going to happen to the Portugal Golden Visa?

The Portugal Golden visa is going to be banned from high-density cities, like Lisbon and Porto. These changes aim to bring investments into lesser-known areas of the country, but inarguably just as beautiful and worth investing in as the main Portuguese cities. 

Watch the video below, where David Poston elaborates on what steps investors should be taking before the changes to the Golden Visa come to place.

Information update February 2021: Learn everything about the 2022 changes on the Portuguese Golden Visa programme here.

Can I apply for a Golden Visa as a British citizen?

Yes. UK investors, now considered non-EU citizens, are allowed to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, ever since 1 January 2021. Learn more about how to apply for the visa residency scheme hereAll applications up to the 31st June 2021, will be accepted under the original programme, but moving forward main cities such as Lisbon and Porto will no longer be valid for the Portugal Golden Visa

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Can I freely move to Portugal as a British citizen?

When it comes to free movement, living, and working in the EU, the Portuguese post-Brexit legislation stated that British citizens who have their Portuguese citizenship rights granted before the country’s exit from the EU will be able to continue pursuing those rights.

However, Britons looking to relocate permanently to Portugal now, are subject to the country’s immigration rules, and only have access to free movement for 90 days, within a 180 day period. In order to secure uninterrupted access, or for stays over 90 days in Portugal as a non-EU national, you would need to apply for a visa. While a UK citizen doesn’t have to be a resident to purchase a property, on a practical level they will need a bank account and for that, they will require a permanent address, therefore a visa.

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post-brexit golden visaIn order to also encourage British investors to continue visiting the country, Turismo de Portugal launched the “Brelcome” campaign as a contingency plan to minimize the economic impact of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Read more about this plan here. 

Will the market be affected?

As the Algarve region is not as dependent on UK buyers like it once was, the market should be less affected if British citizens stop investing or moving to Portugal because of Brexit. 

Statistics show that the Portuguese market is still very buoyant with no signs of a downturn or of any drop in prices.  

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David believes that the Golden Visa programme in Portugal will be a greater asset during the next few months, as it has also given people a new sense of appreciation towards life, and the opportunities freedom of travel can offer. 

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