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Article 1571242212
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Published: 16th October 2019, 6:10pm

If you want to sell your property or seek the advice of a professional, Portugal Homes will help you with knowledge and thorough market analysis for your area, as well as for your property.

How does Portugal Homes help you sell your property?

Although the law in Portugal allows you to sell your property through as many agencies you want, at Portugal Homes we assure we’ll do our very best to qualify a client for your property. We have a different proactive approach that enables us to position our company differently and strategically in the market.

Learn more about the documentation you need when selling a property here.

1. We massively invest our efforts on overseas clients

Being one of our main differentiating points, investing in overseas clients has opened many house’s doors (literally). We don’t wait for the right clients to come in; rather, we are willing to travel and find them ourselves.

From China to the United Arab Emirates, from Russia to South Africa, and many other countries our Private Meetings have extended our client portfolio, which has also guaranteed that the properties are sold in a short period of time. Our marketing strategy is unique on the market and allows our private owners, business partners to grow with us.

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By also promoting properties on our online platforms, we ensure your house is exposed to a broader international audience. This is possible because we have an outlined plan that includes describing your property, its characteristics and show photos that translate the house’s unique potential for investment. Take a look at our Instagram property gallery.

2. We have independent listers and sales staff

Having independent teams allows complete transparency within the company and to our clients. Usually, most of the agencies have joint listers/sales staff which means that they can earn two commissions per sale if they sell one of their own properties, but by dividing our staff at Portugal Homes, it enables us to give an honest and unbiased opinion into the property market.

Meet the Portugal Homes’ team.

3. We provide real estate expertise

If you’re not sure what price you should be selling your property for, Portugal Homes provides you with an analysis on how much your property is worth, coming to a fair selling price both for you (seller), and the buyer. We take into consideration the market trend as well as the actual price per square meter in the area of your property, and give the buyer a full breakdown, anticipating all numerical, operational, and strategic decisions concerning your property.

Although we dedicate the same amount of effort on all properties, if you have urgency in selling your house, Portugal Homes is open to negotiate the percentage of the commission (starting from 5%), and focus all our work into selling it within a short time frame.

You are also free to list your property with another agency, but at Portugal Homes we guarantee you that your house is carefully taken care of regardless, and is given the attention it deserves.

4. We provide updates on your property

Time to time, our Listings Department is available to update you about your property concerning the amount of visits, enquiries and views it had.

5. We aim to establish long term relationships with the sellers

Portugal Homes helps you sell your property, but if you’re satisfied with our service, we can also help you find new investment avenues and make business with us, again, adding value to our already established B2B relationship.

6. We operate from Lisbon to the World

By selling with us, you are trusting your property to a distinguished top-flight company. Portugal Homes has been awarded with the Best Real Estate Agency Website and Real Estate Agency Single Office in Portugal, by the International Property Awards.

Our every day work to establish Portugal Homes as a credible company motivates us to work more and more towards becoming a bigger and reliable company, and well-known within markets across the globe.

Learn more about why working with Portugal Homes is a good option here.

If you have a property you would like to sell with please fill out the form below and one of our real estate’s experts will contact you shortly.

About Portugal Homes specializes in investments through Real Estate and Golden Visa. We help buyers find the right property overseas, whether it be for Golden VisaNHR, Investment or simply a place in the sun. Our properties are selected with great thought in mind to give our clients the best opportunities. We offer the complete service from introducing them to the Legal RepresentativesCurrency ExchangeMortgage AdvisorsProperty ManagementRental and Furniture Packages along with making sure all our staff are trained to fully understand the buying process and taxes for every scenario. Portugal Homes provides the complete service to anyone looking to buy a new or resale property overseas for holiday use or as a short or long-term investment.

To find out more, please contact us:
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Comprar uma propriedade em Portugall

A Portugal Homes possui profissionais muito experientes e conhecedores, que trabalham com alguns dos promotores mais reconhecidos em Portugal . A nossa vasta experiência permite-nos guiá-lo pelas melhores opções de investimento.

Seja casa de férias ou uma propriedade para investimento, selecionamos as melhores propriedades para o seu perfil e tratamos de todo o processo do início ao fim. Mesmo após a venda! Os nossos serviços de pós-venda assumem a responsabilidade de mobilar a seu gosto, manter a propriedade na sua ausência, dar apoio ao arrendamento, no caso de querer arrendar e muito mais!

Para saber mais sobre Residentes Não Habituais em Portugal e sobre os nossos serviços pós-venda, preencha o formulário abaixo.

Ryan é muito profissional, mas também amigável e conhecedor do mercado Golden Visa. Também se mostrou flexível, pois, com um curto aviso prévio, viajou do Algarve para me se reunir comigo em Lisboa e substituir 1 colega.

Investir do Reino Unido

A Portugal Homes fez um excelente trabalho mantendo-me atualizado sobre o progresso da compra da minha nova casa, fornecendo relatórios regulares e abrangentes. Isto ajudou-me a aliviar a ansiedade sobre a compra de uma casa durante a pandemia.

Investidor dos EUA

Embora através do Zoom, estabelecemos uma grande confiança na integridade do George. [Foi] importante para nós ter confiança na capacidade do staff em se sentir alinhados em visões.

Donald Collie de Austrália

O processo foi bastante rápido e claro. Obtive toda a informação que precisava na primeira hora de conversa. A experiência foi perfeita.

Tomoko Inoue do Japão

Overwhelming. Luisa has exceeded our expectations on all levels. Trust was established immediately. Enhanced by super friendly professionalism. The networks to banks, accountants, lawyers was seamless. there is not enough space here to write all the positives, enough to say we are making an offer and we only arrived 4 days ago. Its impossible to improve from perfection!

John Mulroe and Wiebke Bock

Obrigada. Experiência agradável com todos o staff. O George foi muito prestável, experiente e tinha uma boa compreensão das finanças. Vou recomendar Portugal Homes aos meus amigos.Excelente experiência também com o Departamento After Sales.

Nadia Webb