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Published on 6th July 2018

All nations have there own and specific sayings. Most of them not only are popular but usually right and that is why they keep on living, generation after generation. 

A barking dog never bites– which is usually the case. 

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise – also true, even if there are few men that can prove it. 

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings – I am not in a position to say that this one is true but it sure is funny.

You see my point? We grow up with these popular sayings and sometimes we use them as well, they are part of our culture. All of them teach us something and advise us on a day by day life. 

Now let me tell you about my favorite saying, entirely dedicated to the amazing city of Lisbon. 

Meter o Rossio na Betesga  - translated means trying to fit the Rossio square into the small street of Betesga, what does it mean? – Something that can’t be done because it’s impossible. 

The Rossio square is very big and the street Betesga is the smallest in town, so you can imagine that if you try to put a big square in a small street, even if physically it is already impossible, it would never fit. 

What is possible and you can do, is going to Rossio square and try to find this street – Rua da Betesga – the smallest street ever. 

Enjoy wandering around Lisbon. 

By: Mariana Vieira
After Sales Manager

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