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Why should you be selling property right now?
Published on 2nd April 2020
(5min read) 

Buying and selling property is often seen as an emotional decision to go through. That has never been more true than now, especially since the world seemed to have stopped for a second.

At Portugal Homes, our teams are still working and doing business over the phone, showing and selling property through videos, using every digital touchpoint to help our avid investors, as well as, bringing liquidity to many developers and private vendors in Portugal’s core cities. 

So, should you be selling a property right now? Short answer: Yes.

One of the main reasons why you should do it right now is that the market is right for your property to sell!

Portugal is trending when it comes to foreigners buying houses. Having been considered Europe’s hottest property market, more and more foreigners are looking into investment options here. Selling your property during the country’s best momentum (the amazing quality of life, climate, mouth-watering food and residency programs), will not only enable you to sell the house at a fair price point but will also give advantage to the client who is buying it, because of the potential for both appreciation and cash flow when making this kind of investment during a recession period.

Selling Property - Listers Team

Photo: Property Listers 

How can Portugal Homes help you sell your property? 

At Portugal Homes, our teams have a different proactive approach that enables us to position our company differently and strategically in the market. Even during turbulent times, each and every member of our departments are giving their all to continue providing a high standard service for our investors. This is why Portugal Homes achieved high numbers, both on successful closings and customer loyalty .

Selling Property with Portugal Homes

Photo: Portugal Homes in numbers (year of 2019) 

Our Digital Marketing team is massively  investing the company’s efforts on overseas clients , throughout 30 different markets. We display your property on our digital channels, investing money to air them internationally. Since Portugal Homes’ main clients are clients who, despite making deliberate decisions, are still individuals who are “on the go”, which means that most of them are heavy cash buyers and are ready to buy .

If you’re not sure what price you should be selling your property for, Portugal Homes provides you with an  analysis of how much your property is worth , coming to a fair selling price both for you (seller), and the buyer. We take into consideration the market trend as well as the current price per square meter in the area of ​​your property, and give the buyer a full breakdown, anticipating all numerical, operational, and strategic decisions concerning your property.

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By selling with us, you are trusting your property to a distinguished top-flight company. Portugal Homes has been awarded the Best Real Estate Agency Website and Real Estate Agency Single Office in Portugal, by the International Property Awards.

After the Storm comes the calm, and Portugal Homes will be right by your side through every step of the way. 

If you have a property you would like to sell with  PortugalHomes.com  please fill out the form available at the bottom of the page and one of our real estate experts will contact you shortly.

Sell ​​your property with us here and make the most of the Portuguese market!

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Buying Property in Portugal

Portugal Homes has very experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with some of the most established and reputable developers Portugal has to offer. Our vast experience allows us to guide you through the best investment choices.

Whether you want a holiday home or an investment property, we select the best units for your profile and take care of all the process from start to finish. Even after the sale! Our After Sales services assume the responsibility of furnishing your property at your taste, taking care of the property in your absence, managing the rentals if you wish to rent your property when you’re not in Portugal and so much more!

To learn more about the Portuguese Non-Habitual Resident Program and our After Sales services, please fill the form below.

Extremely helpful and professional. A pleasure to meet you!

Li Sze Ki and Man Chi Ning from Hong Kong

Ryan is fantastic. Very helpful, nice and professional. He provides swift responses to me whenever I raise him a question.

Rubby Lee from Hong Kong

Thank you. Lovely experience with all of the staff. George was very helpful, knowledgeable and had a good grasp of the financials. Will recommend Portugal Homes to friends. Also excellent experience with the After Sales - very helpful.

Nadia Webb

Very knowledgeable and professional, able to provide clear advice that meets my need such that I can make decision quickly. Efficient and energetic team.

Tang Wing Yun from Hong Kong

Simon has been wonderful to work with. We did not feel pushed in any way.

Andre & Lena Jourdan from USA

Portugal Homes is very customer-oriented. Mr. George Hobson epitomizes professionalism and dedication. This in addition to his amiable and congenial attitude.

Investor from Algeria