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Invest in the right areas of Lisbon
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Europe’s forgotten “sleeping beauty” of the 20th century woke up after 1998’s World Fair, and both local and foreigner residents are injecting doses of innovation and modernism despite all the economic hardships. As confirmed by The Financial Times, Lisbon is on its way to becoming one of the best places to live, to do business. And of course, to invest in Lisbon property.

Although prices are rising in the Portuguese capital, the properties across the city still have huge potential for capital gain and return of your investment.

Whether you want to be close to the attractions of Lisbon or find some peace and quiet in the rural areas of the city, there are plenty of places to consider when staying in Lisbon.

Key areas to invest in Lisbon


Chiado is a small part of Lisbon that’s bursting with Portuguese culture, offering residents with a mix of old and modern establishments. It’s a fairly traditional area, with theatres, bookstores, and cafes located throughout the region. Here at Portugal Homes, we offer an array of properties in Chiado, including both developments and homes. You can see them here.


Baixa is perfect for those who love to try new experiences and want to fully immerse themselves in a new culture. Offering vast amounts of unique experiences and beautiful architecture, whether it be Rossio Square with its tremendous fountain or the vibrant yellow buildings of Praça do Comércio.

Avenida da Liberdade

Avenida da Liberdade boulevard, built in the 19th century in the style of the Champs-Elysées in Paris, is the main avenue of Lisbon. Home for some of the most fashionable luxury brands, Avenida is one of the richest and expensive areas of the country and represents the ideal place for creating and establish workplaces.

Properties in Avenida da Liberdade.


Graça houses a diverse population, from local residents who were born here and new residents seeking this old part of Lisbon. Whether a tourist or resident, people are drawn here by its location, history, and soul. Situated next to the São Jorge Castle, Graça’s district is also known for its spectacular views that are much enjoyed by residents and visitors.

See properties in Graça here.

If you would like an alternative to invest in Lisbon city center, the Algarve and the Silver Coast are great options to consider.

Príncipe Real

Príncipe Real has become one of the best neighbourhoods in Lisbon, attracting an innovative and quality trade. But it remains essentially a residential neighbourhood, with gardens, quiet spaces and beautiful palaces. This neighbourhood is one of the most sought after areas for buying or renting houses, where old buildings are being refurbished, attracting a younger population.

See properties in Príncipe Real here.


Lapa is a predominantly residential area with large houses and old palaces. It was in Lapa that the Portuguese bourgeoisie and nobility decided to settle down in the 18th century.

This neighbourhood remains one of the noblest areas of Lisbon and is home to several embassies. Historic buildings have been rehabilitated and have attracted many residents in search of tranquillity and a privileged location.

See properties in Lapa here.


Alcantâra is one of the upcoming areas in Lisbon very famous for its trendy LX Factory, a homemade and traditional concept of commerce and restaurants. The new CUF Hospital to be completed soon will definitely make the area busier with 100 consultation offices, 11 surgery rooms, 800 parking spaces and hundreds of jobs to be created.

See our exclusive development in Alcântara here.

Arroios - Alameda

The humble parish of Arroios recently clinched the top spot in Time Out’s annual list of the coolest city center neighbourhoods in the world. But frequent visitors will know that the unique neighbourhood, located in the Lisbon city center, is a hub for art, hotels, and restaurants. It’s also small enough to walk across in just 30 minutes - talk about packing a punch! 

See top things to do in Arroios and near Alameda here.

See properties in Arroios here.

Santa Apolónia

Santa Apolónia is a neighbourhood on the side of the Tejo River in Lisbon. Within walking distance of Terreiro do Paço, Santa Apolónia’s narrow streets lead to Castelo de São Jorge. The area is connected to the metro grid of the city with good transportation connections, there are many bus routes and a train station there. Panteão Nacional de Santa Engrácia is also a short walk away!

Although there’s a lot of bustle around the Station, the neighbourhood itself is peaceful and everyone knows each other.

See properties in Santa Apolónia here.

Penha de França

On one of the seven hills, north-east of Lisbon is Penha de França. The area is considered to be clean, quiet and family-friendly, attracting high-class families and young adults. Because of its smaller location, it is now the perfect time to invest in property Penha de França property. It is situated in the vicinity of several miradouros (viewpoints) with views over the whole area.

See properties in Penha de França here.


In the centre of many attractions in Lisbon, and within a sufficient distance from Marvila property, it is conveniently located. This is a great venue for young couples and companies that can benefit from its analytical and artistic vibrations. The city is experiencing rapid changes, making it a truly wonderful suburban community and not merely a commercial centre.

In recent years, foreign interest in Marvila has risen significantly, making it a common investment region. It is very near the bustling city centre of Lisbon and provides access to the fashionable Parque das Nações, renowned for its green spaces and shopping.

Take a look at our Portugal guide for more information about the Portuguese Real Estate Market.


Beato has become one of Lisbon’s most attractive places. The word “Beato” in Portuguese simply means “blessed” and this place definitely lives up to its name. Beato was once an agricultural district with factories and warehouses and is today one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods of Lisbon. 

When looking for Beato property, you will realise that the vast majority of offers are not homes, but apartments. Renewed structures and river houses are frequent reminders that the investors who see the future of Lisbon know this is a great secret area to invest in!

Campo de Ourique

Campo de Ourique is a relatively quiet residential neighbourhood. Living in this region is synonymous with an excellent quality of life. It is an old-fashioned neighborhood, and its flat streets are an open invitation to long walks! 

This neighbourhood is also known for the quality and diversity of its local market’s products, the Campo de Ourique Market, which houses a nice contemporary food court, similar to that of the Ribeira Market, but much quieter.

Belém and Restelo

The Belém neighbourhood is the last neighbourhood before the beaches on the Portuguese coast. This is where the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Belém brings together important historical monuments such as the Jerónimos Monastery, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Belém Tower. It also houses many cultural places such as the very modern MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology, among others. Here, you will also find Pastéis de Belém, a pastry shop that has been producing the famous custard tarts since 1837!

See properties in Belém.

The Restelo area is a luxury residential neighbourhood. Here, you will see children playing in the parks while feeling the fresh breezes from the Tagus. This is a popular place during weekends for a day-out with the family. There are a number of parks and gardens, restaurants and shops in the area and the atmosphere is also very chilled.

Restelo is also home to many foreign embassies and their diplomats and is also safe, wealthy and secure in terms of capital growth for Investors.

Bordering Restelo is the Monsanto Forest Park (often referred to by locals as “The lungs of Lisbon”). Algés Train station is 5 minutes walk (500 metres). This train station serves the Cascais coastal line and offers a direct line to multiple beach resorts with a journey time of 25 minutes to Cascais beach town.  Cais do Sodré train station in the centre of Lisbon is a 12 minutes journey time.

Explore more of Restelo here.

Summary of the cost of living in Lisbon



Best known for its amazing soft climate, with plenty of sun throughout the year, Algarve’s pleasant weather allows you to discover its gorgeous coastline against which the ocean presents itself with all colors available in the blue spectrum.

Stepping away from the coastline you’ll find other relics to explore in Algarve’s more rugged interior, where people live in harmony with the environment and keep ancient traditions that they like to share.

Properties in the Algarve.

Silver Coast

By many expats, the Silver Coast is one of the most desirable places to live in Portugal, together with Lisbon and Algarve. The region remains largely unknown and therefore untouched by tourism, which means that visitors can bask in the extraordinary sand of “silver.”

The Silver Coast is also a popular destination for surfers, and beaches such as Peniche and Nazaré, which are always busy with tourists from northern Europe.

See our latest property available on the Silver Coast.

Lisbon Areas

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